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shade rosesA rose for the shade

This is a list of shade roses, that you can successfully grow in shady areas of the garden.

Growing these varieties will enable you to grow roses for shade areas that get filtered sun light.

Most roses require a sunny spot of at least 6 hours of sun a day. There are however a select group of roses that will grow in shade, and give you beautiful  results. The following are some that require much less sun, including roses for partial shade. Roses cannot tolerate full shade.

These are roses that will open fully, and resist the fungal diseases that shady sites promote.

Some from this list have shiny leaves that resist mildew and black spot. The shiny leaves thwart the infection because the wax coating on the leaves forms a natural barrier from disease spores.

Understanding Shade

Part shade is an area that gets filtered sun for much of the day. Or an area that is shaded in the morning or afternoon.

Full Shade is described as an area with a dense canopy of leaves from trees, or from structures that cast a shadow, especially on the north side. Roses can not tolerate full shade.

Shade Roses for Partial Shade

shade rose abraham darby

Abraham Darby

David Austin shrub rose Medium pink to apricot color

Dark green, glossy foliage

Intense peachy/lemon fragrance Good repeat bloom, free from black spot. Vigorous and bushy- grows 6 x4'

angel face floribunda

Angel Face Rose

Floribunda with clusters of ruffled blooms.

Flowers have a strong aroma of citrus.

Rose plants grow 2-3ft. tall and wide, and bloom all season

Hardy zones 5-9

Autumn Sunset

Shrub rose(Lowe 1986) Medium apricot with touches of orange and gold.

Intense fruity fragrance

Medium green, glossy foliage, disease resistant Tall, vigorous, bushy 6' and taller

ballerina rose bush


Hybrid Musk shrub rose (Bentall 1937)Light pink with white eyes.

Slight fragrance

Small dark green, glossy foliage

Medium sized plant, bushy grows to 5' Ideal for mass planting

See more about The Ballerina Rose


Shrub rose (Carruth 2003)Cerise red, with yellow eye

Slight fragrance, Medium dark green glossy foliage, disease resistant

Somewhat spreading plant to 3', is easy to grow and makes a wonderful plant in the landscape. Large clusters of single blooms,

Fair Bianca

Hybrid Musk ( Pemberton 1928)

Soft silver pink fading to white. Moderate musk fragrance.

Vigorous, bushy, grows 4x4'

Hardy shade roses, that produces most of its bloom in spring and fall.

amber queen rose

Amber Queen

Floribunda (Harkness 1983)

Apricot gold color. Foliage is copper red to medium green, semi-glossy reddish prickles, disease resistant.

Intense fragrance

These hardy shade roses produce clusters of blooms on a compact plant, that grows 3-4'

Zephrine Drouhin

Bourbon (Bizot 1868)

Blooms of Cerise-pink with a white base, are produced on these shade roses, in abundance. These tall, semi-climbing 8-12' roses put on an extravagant display. An added bonus is that the canes are thorn less.

(pictured at top of page)

One of the few climbers that are considered shade roses.

Learn more about the Zephrin Drouhin Rose

The Prince

David Austin shrub rose (Austin 1990)

Deep Crimson to medium purple color on these shade roses Medium dark green. mate, many prickles- disease resistant

Intense rose fragrance

Fabulous blooms! A full rosette of deep crimson that ages to a royal purple.

More about The Prince rose..

Knock out Series

Shrub (Raddler 1999)

Series of exceptionally hardy roses, in colors ranging from: Pink, Blushing, red, and Rainbow.

Immune to blackspot rounded rose bushes grow 3-4'tall and 30-4'wide. More about the Knock out series

New Dawn

Large flowered Climber (Dreer 1930)

Blush pink color blooms on a vigorous tall bushy plant, 18x20 x 6-10'.

large, medium dark green, glossy foliage.

Moderate sweet, rose fragrance.

Large soft pink blooms turn a blush white as they age.

More about The New Dawn Rose
playboy rose


Floribunda (Cocker 1976) Bright orange with scarlet shading, and a yellow eye. A real stand out in the garden.

The well rounded medium size bush grows 3-4'.

Fragrance is moderate, apple.

It is a real showboat, and disease resistant. Hard pruning encourages bigger sprays of blooms. It loves the sun, but does well also in cooler, slightly shaded areas, producing larger size blooms.

This rose gets noticed from across the garden, and draws visitors to it like a magnet, everyone wanting to know "what kind of rose it is"!

Learn more about Playboy rose..

Sally Holmes

Shrub (Holmes 1976)

Large apricot buds open to a creamy white. Single blooms, occur in large clusters.

Glossy green foliage.

Very vigorous upright, bushy rose grows 6-12'tall.

More Part Shade Roses

Blush Noisette

This rose is lovely. It is nearly thorn less, with delicate soft pink flowers (30 petals) that grow in clusters of 6 to 12 in a floret. The foliage is a lush, dark green.

The plant grows 6-7 feet.

hardy zones 7-10

Buff Beauty

This Hybrid Musk has apricot yellow flowers that form clusters of 12 florets on smooth arching canes.

It has a moderate tea fragrance.

Plant grows 4-5 feet.

Hardy zones 5-9

Gruss an Aachen

A Floribunda with orange-red and yellow buds that open to flesh pink blooms. With age they fade to a creamy white, with a sweet fragrance.

This rather small plant has rich foliage, and nodding stems. Grows 3-4 feet.

hardy zones 5-9

Mlle Cecile Brunner, Climber

This is one of the beloved old-timers with large airy clusters of small pointed white buds that open to a creamy pale pink colored bloom. This large climber can scramble easily 10-20 feet.

A great Polyantha that is hardy zones 6-9


This Hybrid Musk produces double rosette-shaped flowers in large arching trusses. Flowers colors range from strawberry flushed yellow, to pale apricot-copper, to salmon pink with an orange base.

Plant is vigorous and can be trained as a pillar, or allowed to cascade over a wall. Canes grow 6-8 feet, and are thorn-less.

Has a powerful sweet musk fragrance.

Hardy zones 4-9

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