Seven Sisters Rose

Multiflora Rambler Rose Bush

Seven Sisters rose,  is a beautiful antique multi-flora Rambler, climbing rose. It is a stunning rose bush when in full bloom!

Rose 'Seven Sisters' is a form of Rosa Multi-flora,that originated in the Orient, but was also grown in Europe.

seven sisters roseSeven Sisters

 The lovely, sweet scented flowers grow in large clusters. Buds are deep colored, and the flowers open almost purple in color, (a deep, cerise magenta), then fade from shades of pink, to white. There can be seven different colors showing in one large cluster of blooms. (Thus the name 'Seven Sisters')

Type Multiflora Rambler Rose

Hybridizer Unknown Japanese Breeder(s) 1817

Growth Habits Climbing, upright, branches will arch if not trained. Vigorous

Blooms Double, Rosette form, 3“ flowers A colorful display of dark to light pinks, and finally white flowers on the bush, as flowers fade. Once Blooming

Foliage large foliage, have wrinkled leaflets

Fragrance Strong, Sweet, Musky fragrance

Hardy zone


seven sister

This beautiful old Oriental rose, puts on a spectacular show when in full bloom. It only performs once a season, so get your cameras ready! The sweetly scented blooms with their ever-changing colors will be a welcome addition to the garden.

Pruning Since they only bloom once, they do so on last years wood, so don't prune in Spring! If you do, you won't get any flowers that year! Prune after the rose has finished blooming for the year.

It is considered a pink-blend rose, that grows 10-20' tall. It can reach a spread of up to 10'. In warmer climates, the Seven Sisters rose, makes a great climbing rose bush, but colder climates end up with more of a very large bush rose, that produces magnitudes of flowers in mid June.

The tubby buds are rather crumbled,and open first into shallow cups, then into fully double, domed rosettes filled with tiny petals. There is a soft button eye, and a very small green pointel at the center of the blossom.

 Seven Sisters is a rose that is easily rooted from cuttings, and because of it's popularity back in the 1800's, and the fact that there weren't an abundance of richly colored climbing roses then, they were propagated quite readily. Many an old farm house has them growing still today.
Learn this simple trick to rooting them with Willow Water

Note; The pictures above are from my Seven Sisters rose given to me many years ago by a friend. I really love this rose, and consider it one of my favorites!

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