Seafoam Roses

White Landscape and Shrub Roses

seafoam rosesSeafoam

Seafoam Roses are white landscape and shrub roses with fragrant clusters of abundant trailing flowers. These lovely white roses have double florets with a delicate fragrance.

The bush has a Sea of flowers, giving it a trailing, weeping effect. These 2" creamy white flowers are borne in clusters and cover the trailing plant all summer.

Type Landscape Roses

Hybridizer Schwartz 1964

Blooms Double, creamy white blooms, grow in extraordinary clusters.Flowers are 2 1/2" across with 30-35 petals.

Growth Habits Arching, trailing, and spreading plant is a vigorous grower. Grows 2-3 ft. high with a spread of 6-8 ft.

Foliage glossy, dark green

Fragrance a light fragrance

Awards Gold Medal Rome ARS David Fuerstenburg Prize 1968

Hardy Zone

hardy zone 4-9

This rose is very vigorous, and a good choice as a ground cover, or if you choose, the arching canes can be trained up a trellis. You'll get abundant bloom with good repeat.

The bush covers itself with creamy-white, ruffled flowers that continue all season, well into the Fall. The glossy, dark green foliage really set the flowers off. They are considered one of the finest landscaping roses. These landscape roses are very disease resistant, and very hardy.

Plant them in the front of your garden, but give them plenty of room to spread. I planted mine to close to the edge of the bed, and now I have to constantly prune them back, because they grow out into the walkway.

Seafoam roses are also great roses to plant in an all-white garden, or a garden that is viewed at night. If you plant them around your patio, you'll be amazed at how beautiful they are when viewed at dusk. The white flowers seem to glow!

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