Scent From Above Rose

Large Flowered Climbing Rose Bush

scent from above roseScent From Above

The Scent From Above Rose, is a lovely large flowered climbing rose with golden yellow, fragrant blooms.

The blooms are a medium golden yellow color in the center of the rose, and fades to cream at the edges.

It blooms in flushes, (profusely) all through the growing season.

It has the intoxicating fragrance of licorice.

The petal packed blooms are very abundant on this yellow climbing rose, and Scent From Above rose, covers itself in small clusters all season, in repeating flushes.

The blooms begin as pointed, ovoid buds, that become classic hybrid tea form flowers with 40 plus petals. When fully open, golden stamens are visible.

bouquet of yellow roses

Rosa "Scent From Above", make very nice cut flowers for the vase. The flowers are a sunny golden yellow, with a delicious licorice fragrance, making them simply irresistible. They are formed on long, 12-18" stems, making them the perfect size to cut.

More about Scent From Above Rose

Type  Large Flowered Climber

Hybridizer Christopher H. Warner 2005

Blooms   Golden Yellow, Large 4 1/2" flowers 26-40 petals, small clusters

Foliage Medium size foliage, Glossy, Dark Green

Fragrance  Medium,Licorice scented

Growth Habits Tall, climbing, upright, well-branched grows 8-10' tall by 2-3' wide

Hardy zones zones 5 -9b

This climbing rose is a vigorous grower, growing 8-10' tall, on well-branched canes.

Scent From Above, large flowered climbing rose blooms profusely, in flushes with a lovely yellow color that never fades.The golden blossoms hold their color well even in hot climates, with a wonderful scent of licorice, making it another reason to grow this great climbing rose bush.

Many yellow colored roses fade quickly in the hot sun, but not scent from above!

It makes a nice climber for an arbor or trellis, or let it grow up posts or pillars. It's also very attractive on a fence.

Plant one on each side of your arbor and add a bright spot in the garden, from roses that are not only beautiful, but have such a wonderful fragrance.

The yellow flowers stand out nicely against the glossy, dark green foliage.


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