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rugosa roses

Rugosa roses, with their crinkled leaves, are very disease resistant, and very hardy shrub roses, or hedge roses.

There are actually quite a few forms and hybrids of  R. Rugosa among the garden roses.

The leaves are very ornamental, and the hips rich in vitamin C.

  • These rose types are very hardy. Most of them do well in zones 3-8.
  • These rose bushes have excellent salt tolerance, and are favorites in such areas.
  • The very hardy Rugosa Roses can grow 3-6 ft. high and wide.
  • Some will bloom off and on from summer through early fall.

  • These hardy rose shrubs are very easy to care for.
  • They do Not like to be sprayed or pruned. They actually do better without either.
  • They are not big on fertilizing either. They rarely get mildew or black spot. But if they do, it doesn't affect the wonderful flowering of the plant!

Rosa Rugosa is the parent of many species of wonderful disease-free hybrids including Kordes R Kordesii (from Germany) and David Austin (from England). The hardy Rugosa roses are used in their breeding programs to produce their wonderful roses!

List of Rugosa Roses

Agnes Rugosa rose

Double, yellow blooms

Fruity fragrance

Very hardy

Learn more about Agnes here....

Rosa Rugosa Alba

Large pure white single blooms accented with golden stamens.

Intense fragrance.

Beautiful fall foliage and red-orange hips.

Caution:(This plant spreads vigorously)!

Ann Endt

Rich, velvety, deep purple color rose has single blooms. This is a rare color for roses.

The center is full of bright yellow stamens.

It is slow to start growing, but when it does,  it will rapidly grow to a 3-4' tall shrub with dense foliage.

It grows 3-4' tall and wide, and is very disease resistant.

Hardy zones 5-10

Basye's Purple

Only 5 petals, and gold stamens on these crimson colored flowers.

The flowers are produced in clusters on thick, thorny, burgandy wine canes.

It has a clove-based fragrance.

This rose is a vigorous grower that will reach up to 7' if left un-pruned.

Belle Poitevine

Elegant, loosely double, medium pink blooms

Blooms are often flushed with mauve, or sometimes totally mauve colored.

Strong, spiny, tough, typical Rugosa foliage

Fragrant, repeats blooms

Blanc Double de Coubert

Large, semi-double, pure white blooms are delicate looking like tissue paper. They have a green eye, and yellow stamens. They are very fragrant and have a nice display of hips in the fall.

Grows 5' high by 4' wide

Flowers are 3" across with 16 petals

Citrus fragrance

Hardy zones 4-10

Charles Albanel

Crimson pink flowers are semi double with ruffled petals, and gold stamens. One of the Hardiest, and shortest!

Grows 1 1/2 x3'

Moderate fragrance

repeat flowering, practically immune to diseases

Hardy zones 2-10

Claire Laberge

The coloris pink with fuchsia veins.

Grows 4-5'

Moderate fragrance

Conrad Ferdinard Meyer

Lavender pink fully double blooms

Grows 8-10'



Hardy to zone 4

(Like to try this one)


Wide, semi-double, ruffled, soft lilac pink

tough, light green foliage

This is a 'delicate' Rugosa, and hard to propagate

Fragrant, repeat flowering

Dart's Dash

Bright magenta purple blooms are ruffled, and semi-double with gold stamens.

Heavily crinkled, and thorny foliage

Grows 3-4'

Continuous flowering

Very fragrant

Hardy zones 3-10

Don't dead head, you will get enormous. red hips all season!


See a picture of Rosa Fimbriata Blooms are pale pink in color with a darker shade of pink towards the center. Flowers are small, semi-double with 9-16 petals. Blooms are fringed, and look similar to the flowers of a carnation. They look almost as if Mother Nature used pinking shears on each blossom! Lovely!

Bred by Morlet (France 1891)

Plant grows 4-5ft. high x 4 ft. wide

Very Disease resistant. Produces some hips

Strong Fragrance

Hardy zones 5b-9b

F. J. Grootendorst

f.j. grootendorst rose

Rugosa Hybrid

Double, very fragrant red blooms repeat on this 5 foot shrub.

This is a very hardy bush.

The one in the picture is in my (zone 5) garden.

The blooms remind me a bit of carnation flowers, because they tend to resemble them, and look more like carnations that rose flowers.

The thorns (prickles) are large and brutal!


Mauve colored with yellow stamens

Very fragrant

Very Hardy

Learn more about Foxi also known as Buffalo Gal

Frau Dagmar Hartopp

Pale silvery pink with yellow stamens

Single form flowers produce enormous, tomato red hips

Very fragrant

Grows 3' by 3'

Hardy zones3-10


This is a very popular Rugosa.

This vigorous shrub has lovely Mauve colored roses with a deep scent.

Very Hardy

Very Disease resistant

View picture and more about Hansa Rose here

Henry Hudson

Flat, scalloped, white blooms with a center of gold stamens

Grows 4' by 4'

Very Fragrant

Needs deadheading to look clean

Bears no hips

Hardy zones 3-10


These Hybrid Rugosa roses have a hybrid tea style, double blooms (beautiful)

This is the only true crimson colored Rugosa

It has shiny dark green foliage, and is very fragrant

Grows 4' high by 3' wide

flowers are 3" across with 30& petals

Hardy zones 4/5-10

Jens Munk

Clear lavender pink

Large, wavy flowers produce large, tomato hips

very fragrant

Hardy zones 2-10

John Ruskin

Dark red color is almost purple

Moderate fragrance

Grows 5-6'

Once Blooming

Linda Campbell

Bright red flowers are produced all season.

The cupped, loosely double flowers come in clusters of 5-25

There is no fragrance

It grows to a dense bush 6' high by 8' wide.

It has dark green colored semi-glossy leaves, and few thorns.

Very cold hardy, and tolerant of heat.

Disease resistant.

Martin Frobisher

Creamy pink double blooms

Deadheading is a must!

Grows 5 by 4'

Very Fragrant

Hardy zones 2-10

Mary Manners

Large, double, snow white blooms appear consistently spring through fall.

Sweet fragrance

Very large, dense bush rapidly grows 5-6' high and wide

This very prickly bush makes a good hedge or screen.

Moje Hammarberg

Mauve, fushia to purple blooms have gold stamens

Very Fragrant

Grows 4 x 4'

Produces clusters of double blooms

Shade tolerant

Hardy zones 3-10

Moore's Striped Rugosa

red and white striped fully double blooms

Grows 4-5'

Makes a nice hedge

Hardy zone 5

Mrs. Doreen Pike

Warm pink, large, double, ruffled flowers

Very fragrant

Bred by David Austin

Grows 4' high by 4' wide

 Hardy zones 4-9


Single, red blooms, in clusters

Vigorous, upright growing plant

Glossy leathery foliage with Nail-like thorns (prickles)

Grows 6' tall and wide

Very disease resistant

Spice/clove fragrance

 Hardy zones 5-10


Mauve pink, heart shaped single petal cupped blooms fade to white at the center, and have a cluster of golden  stamens.

Somewhat fragrant

Grows 2 1/2' x 4'

Flowers are continuous

Hardy zones 4-10

Rose a Parfume l'Hay

Cherry carmine red

Very fragrant

Repeat bloom

Grows 4-5'

Roseraie de l'Hay

Deep cerise purple

Extremely fragrant

Hardy, vigorous

Hardy zones 4-10

Rosa Rugosa Rubra

Very Vigorous, tall and upright spreading plant. Grows 6-8 feet. Magenta-purple color, accented by golden stamens.

Intense fragrance, with an abundance of repeat blooms.

Rotes Meer

Semi Double

Crimson Purple with golden stamens

Very Fragrant

Hardy zones 3-8

Learn more


Semi-double, Yellow/red blooms

plant grows upright 6' by 6'

Bronzy green foliage

Hardy zones 5-10

Rugosa Magnifica

Semi double, bright mauve blooms with gold stamens

Very Fragrant

Grows 4 by 5' extremely dense

Shade tolerant

Hardy zones 3-10

Sarah Van Fleet

Clear Pink, cupped semi doubleblooms

Moderate fragrance

Grows 5 by 4'

Shade tolerant

Hardy zones 4-10


Bright mauve purple

Very fragrant

Grows 6 by 4'

Huge, tomato red hips

Hardy zones 3-10

Star Delight

Single, rose pink dainty flowers have a starburst of gold stamens backed by a white eye.

Separated and pointed petals look like little stars.

Only slight fragrance.

The bush is compact; 3'high and wide with dense, dark olive green foliage.

Cold hardy and very tolerant of Southern climates and soils.

Great for containers.

Therese Bugnet

theresa bugnet rose

This Hybrid Rugosa has square-tipped, lilac pink buds, that open into double 4- inch flowers. (See picture above and at top of page)

The fragrant flowers bloom in clusters all summer.

Plants are vigorous and can grow 4-6 feet, if not clipped for hedge roses.

These roses are Very Hardy: zones 2-9

Topaz Jewel

These Rugosa roses are a unique yellow color. They grow around 5 ft.

The canes are very prickly.

Roses have a moderate fragrance.

Learn more and see a picture here.


Loosely double orange/pink blend

Grows 6-8'



Hardy zone 5


Medium pink, large, elegant, double blooms

Sweet fragrance

Grows 6 by 5'

Hardy zones 3-10

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