Ruby Pendant Rose

Mauve Colored Miniature Rosebush

Ruby pendant roseRuby Pendant Rose

The Ruby Pendant rose,is a mauve colored miniature rosebush, that produces roses so perfect and beautiful, they win awards!

The delightful blooms are classic Hybrid tea form, only in miniature. The color of the Ruby Pendant flower is mauve; a kind of red/purple, also known as a mauve/blend. I personally find the color most interesting. It suggests "Victorian" to me.

The flowers on the Ruby Pendant are exhibition form; and for good reason....they are great for that purpose! If you like exhibiting your roses, this is one you should have. (providing you are in the right zone to grow it).

They begin as perfect little Hybrid tea shaped blooms, then open out to a more relaxed flower that really shows off the 'blend' of the colors.

Type  Miniature rose

Hybridizer Leslie E. Strawn (United States) 1975

Blooms  Mauve Blend flowers have 28 petals, and measure 2" across

Foliage The leaves are medium size, semi-glossy,dark, reddish green color

Fragrance Only a light fragrance

Growth Habit Vigorous growing, Grows Tall, and Upright 4-7'

Hardy Zones zones 6b -9b

More about Ruby Pendant....

Ruby Pendant is a very productive and vigorous growing miniature rose that has attractive reddish green colored foliage with needle shaped prickles (thorns).

This is a bushy growing rose with fairly good disease resistance.

It produces abundant blooms in flushes all season long.

The pretty miniature blooms are most attractive in the vase, but the bushes do equally well in the garden.The flowers are borne mostly one per stem.

Because of the size it gets, it is considered a climbing miniature. Try planting it on a fence, or other structure it can climb on. (and don't forget to pick a few for the house).

Parentage of this Mini Rosebush; Lotte Gunthart x Salvo

This rose might not have much of a fragrance, but the bush is fast growing, and produces lots of very pretty roses.

The color is a bit unusual, and would make a nice bouquet paired with blue colored Delphinium, and babies breath.


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