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Hybrid Rugosa Roses

rotes meer roseRotes Meer

 The Rotes Meer rose. These crimson purple Hybrid Rugosa Roses, are also known as 'Purple Pavement'.

This is an outstanding modern Rugosa rose, with the darkest crimson purple colored flowers. The Rotes Meer rose is also the most 'purple' colored of all the Rugosa roses.

The semi-double flowers have golden stamens in the center, and come in clusters of 3-9.

This is a rose with good repeat. They produces flowers all through the season, beginning with the first flower, and continuing until the frost stops the blooms.

Type  Modern Rugosa Hybrid

Hybridizer Baum Germany 1984

Blooms Crimson purple with golden stamens. Semi-double bloom form. The flowers are about 2 1/2' across.

Foliage Bright green foliage with crinkly leaves

Growth Habit  Low, rounded growing habit. Bushes can grow 4' tall by 3 1/2' colder climates; 2 1/2 by 2/12'

Fragrance  Very strong, rich, sweet scent

Awards  ADR 1994

Hardy zone Hardy from zone 3-8

More about Rotes Meer...

The Rugosa's are famous for being hardy, and this one is no exception. It is very hardy down to zone 3.

The Rotes Meer rose is perfect for hedging. It has a dense growth habit, with prickly stems. It forms a bushy, compact shrub.

It continues to flower summer through fall, with strong, sweet smelling blooms.

This rose is a multipurpose landscape plant;

Some of it's uses;

  • In the landscape
  • In your rose garden
  •  In a mixed border

It produces sizable red hips late in the season, and the leaves turn a bright yellow color in the fall.

You should harvest the hips for making Jam or Tea.

This is one tough, hardy rose that is tolerant of seaside conditions, and urban landscapes.

Tips for Planting this rose in a Hedge

To form a nice hedge with 'Rotes Meer', plant the bushes 2 feet apart. In about three years time the bushes will be touching.

Once mature, you should prune them in very early spring, by removing around 1/3 of the top growth, just to keep the hedge in shape.

Now and then you will remove older canes to encourage growth of new canes.

This Rugosa rose is not bothered by disease, but does have a problem with Japanese Beetles in areas where they are a problem.


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