Roses and Their Meaning

Rose Symbolism      

roses and their meaning

For as long as we know, roses and their meaning, or rose symbolism, have been used as a symbol in many societies.

All through history the rose has been portrayed as a symbol in both Love and War. It has been adored and admired by writers and artists alike. Poets used them in their sonnets, and artists used them endlessly in their paintings and works of art.

People have reserved a special place for these exquisite flowers, that have both a complex and intriguing history, with a universal understanding.....

Roses and Their Meaning in Societies

  The Christians adopted the Rose as an important religious symbol, giving it much religious significance.

One Christian symbolism ~ for the rose,; The petals of a single rose for Christ's five wounds; red roses for the blood of the martyrs; three roses for the Trinity; and white roses for the Virgin Mary.

Mythology ~ The meaning of a rose is related to the Greek goddess of love (Aphrodite), who is always adorned with roses.


Christian Lore ~ The red rose, complete with thorns is symbolized as "The ultimate sacrifice" It is said that a rose grew at the site where Christ died.

Tarot Readers ~ The rose is a symbol of balance. It promises hope and new beginnings. Its thorns represent loss, thoughtlessness, defense.


The meaning of "Sub Rosa" ~ comes from the days when the Romans would hang roses above the table at their meetings. The hanging roses signified that all said at the meeting were "secrets", and all were forbidden to speak of it.

They would also hang a wild rose on the door of the room where "secrets" were discussed.


       Freemasonary ~ Their symbol for three roses ~

~Love  ~   Life  ~   Light ~

  Christians ~Summarize the universal symbol of the rose in this prayer;

May God look with favor upon our world,
the rose he created,
that it may more and more expand its petals
and so glorify him, our Creator and Father,
in imitation of the rose of Nazareth,
Mary, the Servant of the Lord.


           The rose is an important symbol in English Literature, especially 'Love literature"

For any occasion, happy or sad, special celebrations, and even death, we give someone roses, as a sign of our feelings. Because so many people are now aware of what roses and their meaning are; you should likewise be aware, before you send your next bunch of roses.

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