Roses are Red Poems

and Rose Verses

roses are red poems

Do you remember roses are red poems? Most people can't remember past that first line.

This is the most popular version of this famous poem.

As simple as it is, the last lines somehow escape our memory!

Maybe because we are so young when we learn it!

In its simplicity, it speaks from the heart.

(Hallmark couldn't have made any better poems about red roses! )

To refresh your memory:

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Sugar is Sweet

And so are You

a rose verse

The rose is red, the violet's blue,

The honey's sweet, and so are you.

Thou are my love and I am thine;

I drew thee to my Valentine:

The lot was cast and then I drew,

And Fortune said it shou'd be you.

This is another version of this Nursery Ryme found in:

Gammer Gurton's Garland, 1784 collection of English nursery rhymes

This Roses are red poems is the perfect poem for Valentines day!

The famous lines from Romeo & Juliet;

What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet

Shakespere's fifty-fourth sonnet:

The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem

For that sweet odour which doth in it live

rose bud

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,

Old Time is still a-flying:

And this same flower that smiles today

To-morrow will be dying

by Robert Herrick

More beautiful Red Rose Poems- Roses are Red Poems

clipart three roses

O, my Luve's like a red red rose

That's newly sprung in June:

O my Luve's like the melodie

That's sweetly play'd in tune,

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,

So deep in luve as I,

And I will luve thee still, my dear,

Till a' the seas gang dry.

by; Poet Robert Burns

row of flowers

Roses red and roses white

Plucked I for my love's delight.

She would none of all my posies--

Bade me gather her blue roses.

Half the world I wandered through,

Seeking where such flowers grew.

Half the world unto my quest

Answered me with laugh and jest.

Home I came at wintertide,

But my silly love had died

Seeking with her latest breath

Roses from the arms of Death.

It may be beyond the grave

She shall find what she would have.

Mine was but an idle quest--

Roses white and red are best!

By: Rudyard Kipling

Shakespeare's Thirty-Fifth Sonnet

Roses have thorns, and silver fountains


Clouds and eclipses stain both moon and


And loathsome canker lives in the sweetest


All men make faults....

The Dole of the King's Daughter

Seven stars in the still water,

And seven in the sky;

Seven sins on the King's daughter,

Deep in her soul to lie.

Red roses are at her feet,

(Roses are red in her red-gold hair)

And O where her bosom and girdle meet

Red roses are hidden there.

Fair is the knight who lieth slain

Amid the rush and reed,

See the lean fishes that are fain

Upon dead men to feed.

Sweet is the page that lieth there,

(Cloth of gold is goodly prey,)

See the black ravens in the air,

Black, O black as the night are they.

What do they there so stark and dead?

(There is blood upon her hand)

Why are the lilies flecked with red?

(There is blood on the river sand.)

There are two that ride from the south and east,

And two from the north and west,

For the black raven a goodly feast,

For the King's daughter rest.

There is one man who loves her true,

(Red, O red, is the stain of gore!)

He hath duggen a grave by the darksome yew,

(One grave will do for four.)

No moon in the still heaven,

In the black water none,

The sins on her soul are seven,

The sin upon his is one.

Roses are red poems By;Oscar Wilde

The Maiden

Oh if I were the velvet rose

Upon the red rose vine,

I'd climb to touch his window

And make his casement fine.

And if I were the little bir

That twitters on the tree,

All day I'd sing my love for him

Till he should harken me.

But since I am a maiden

I go with downcast eyes,

And he will never hear the songs

That he has turned to sighs.

And since I am a maiden

My love will never know

That I could kiss him with a mouth

More red than roses blow. from: Helen of Troy and other Poems Part II

Roses ohh Roses.
by rusiah bahri
(melaka, malaysia)

red roses

roses are red,

the thorn I hate,

roses bloom wildly,

the smell so lovely.

I missed the roses,

behind the bushes.

roses are in varieties, and colours,

to show my lovingness.

oh my dear,

you are like roses in sheer.

I'll love roses forever,

as I love you ever-after.

Another beautiful poem sent in by one of my readers! This one is from Malaysia.
Roses, and poems about them are popular all over the world as you can see.

This beautiful poem talks about an undying love that continues through eternity.......

Sonnet for Jane
by Nicholas Power
(Toronto, Canada)

sonnet for Jane pink rose

An adapted Sonnet for Jane

Sonnet 109
for Jane Larimer

An adaptation by Nicholas Power
from William Shakespeare's original

Don't ever say my love was false-hearted,

Though absence often dampened down the flame.

You'll join us with the souls of the departed,

If you vow that I will never say your name.

You were my home, though I may have wandered

Like a lost traveler come round again,

I honoured lost time, it wasn't squandered;

Let my own tears wash out your grievous pain.

No matter what your doubts about my love,

My weakness does not sum up everything;

I'm different now but not so far above,

That lovely things about you mean nothing.

Our world's the dream of an illusionist;

But you, like a single rose, you exist.

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