Rose Petal Beads

Learn How to Make Rose Petal Rosaries

rose petal beads

The making of rose petal beads is a century old art that dates back to medieval times.

Once made, you can turn these rose beads into your own unique jewelry or make lovely rose petal rosaries, that if cared for properly, can last MANY years.

There is a Legend that says:

"Wearing Rose Beads will attract love to you"


-Latin rosarium means: 'rose garden' (or) 'garland of roses'

The Catholic devotion use the beads for silent prayer and meditation.

It is said that the original rosaries were created from rose petals. The early Christians made rose petal beads, and strung them onto twine to count the number of prayers they said. It was their belief that their prayers drifted to heaven on the scent from the rose beads.

How to Make Beads From Rose Petals

rose petals for rosaries

You will need:

4 cups fresh rose petals (white part removed)Fragrant,dark red roses make the best beads for rosaries made from rose petals

1/2 water

Essential Oil (Rose Oil)

Stick pins

Cork board (or) Styrofoam

You need to process (or) chop the petals as fine as possible. The easiest way to do this is to put the rose petals in a blender or food processor.

Process them until they turn into a paste.

Simmer them in a cast iron skillet with (1/2) cup, or enough water to cover. (simmer a couple of hours.)

The black cast skillet, cause the petals to turn a lovely dark color.

Do NOT let the water boil.

Continue to heat the mixture and let simmer until the petals turn translucent.)

When the mixture turns dark and becomes the consistency of clay, knead in a few drops of the Essential oil.

Roll bead with your fingers making them larger than you want the finished rose beads to be. (They will shrink quite a bit when dry)

Using a stick pin, make a hole in the center of each bead, and mount on the cork board.

Leave them to dry, but remember to keep turning them to keep the hole open, and to keep from sticking.

They will not be fully dry for up to 2 weeks. Once dry, thread the beads and turn into your very own Hand made rose petal rosaries, by adding a lovely cross.

Stay Tuned for a Step by Step Guide to My very own Rose Petal Beads

Note: I am making these myself, and will gladly share my project with you when I am finished! My beads are drying as I write this.....

I can't wait to see how they turn out....and to share it with you!

Update!  They are finished! Take a look at my finished Rose Petal Rosary Beads HERE...

Proper Care for Your Rose Petal Beads

The warmth from your skin, intensifies the scent from your rose beads, so Do wear them but.....

Keep the beads DRY. Do NOT wear in the shower!

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