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Do you know the different rose types and rose varieties available?

There are many different types of roses that you can plant in your garden. If you take the time to learn about the many rose bush types available, you can make a better decision on which ones to plant in your rose garden, or yard.

Different roses are better for certain situations and vary in hardiness and such. So don't just choose the rose flower you like, but learn more about the rose bush and the different types.

You'll find low-growing types, climbing types, shrubby bushy types, Hybrid Tea types suitable for a cutting garden, and even miniature roses suitable for growing in pots or hanging baskets.

Take the time to learn about the different rose type so that you can accurately choose the best type for your specific need.

Roses have been classified by the American Rose society into two broad classes of different types of roses:

Old Garden Roses and Modern Roses

These are the group of roses that were established prior to the first large flowered bush roses (called Hybrid Teas) in the 1870's.

These Old Garden roses were almost forgotten, being replaced with the more modern roses, but just like collectible antiques, their sheer beauty has kept them still fashionable today. The flowers have a distinct beauty of their own, with quartered petals, and fragrance that is hard to come by today.  They are also called  Heirloom roses

~~Categories of Old Garden Roses~~


Morning Blush

morning blush rose

Alba Type Roses These rose types are extremely hardy and disease resistant. They will thrive as far north as zone 4 without winter protection.

The bushes are very dense,reaching 5-8 ft. tall. Flowers are medium shades of pink or white,and range from single to double depending on the variety. Clusters of flowers are born on thorny canes with gray-green foliage.

They bloom once from late spring through early summer.

They produce large red hips.

Bourbon Type of Roses

Zephirine Drouhin

zephrine droughin rose

These Rose Varieties are shrubby,vigorous, fragrant plants. Most grow to about 6 ft. Some climbers can reach 12 ft. Clusters of small to medium semi-double or double flowers in white, pink, red or purple. (No yellow ones)They have glossy bright green leaves. Some types of these roses can be tender (Zephirine Drouhin, a lovely climber) More tender but well worth the trouble!!(check out mine in Heirloom Roses)


These are called cabbage roses because of the hundreds or more petals, closely overlapped like the leaves of a cabbage.

These rose types have small to medium size flowers, ranging from white to deep rose.

Clusters of flowers appear on arching branches with crinkled leaves. They are quite hardy,and suitable for smaller gardens.

They bloom only once a year!

China Roses

Semi double or double,small delicate flowers with glossy foliage. Sizes range from low growing 3-ft. rose varieties to 6-foot tall hybrids.

The bushes are dainty, and slim-wooded. The canes have scattered hooked prickles (thorns), with finely pointed leaves.

The flowers can be pink, red or crimson.

These types are Extremely frost Tender!


Medium to large, very fragrant flowers of semi double - double blooms in large clusters of pink or white.

They have drooping or arching branches.

They are grown in Europe and the Near East for the production of a fragrant rose oil "atter of roses".

These rose types are VERY hardy! They bloom only once a year, with the exception of "Autumn Damask" which will bloom twice.

Learn more about the Damask Roses..


This type produces small, single or semi-double flowers of pink, red, copper or yellow. You'll find a large, dense, thorny bush on these types. The foliage has an apple scent, especially after it rains. They are hardy plants that produce colorful hips. These roses bloom once a year.


Also called the French Rose, this type is considered the oldest identified rose. The flowers come in red, purple or pink, and may be single or double. They have rough textured, dark green foliage. They produce hardy, compact plants.

Some varieties are very fragrant, while others have no scent at all.

Learn more about Gallica roses

Hybrid Perpetual

These roses are types that are ancestors of the Hybrid Tea.

They produce a hardy bush that is tall and vigorous. They repeat blooms all summer. The large,double flowers, could be white, pink, maroon, red or mauve. See my list of Hybrid Perpetual roses with information on each one.


These Hybrid roses from China are tender roses that do well in Southern gardens.  They do the best in zones 7-10.

These rose types were first bred in Charleston, South Carolina, then in France where they were further developed.

Some of the earlier ones are erect shrubs, but most are large climbers. They boast drooping clusters of pastel colored flowers with wonderful perfume.

They tolerate clay soil, and get better each year.

Here you will find a List of Noisette Roses.


These Old Garden roses are able to repeat blooms. They are mostly short growing to around 3' with short flower stalks.

Categories of Modern Roses

Hybrid Teas

John F. Kennedy

john f kennedy rose

Hybrid Tea Rose This is the classic, high centered beautiful flower, most think of when the word rose flower comes to mind. They are wonderful cut flowers, that are the mainstay of roses used by florists.

These rose varieties of teas, come in every color except true blue and true black. They almost all are repeat bloomers, and many are fragrant. Their long, strong stems make them excellent for cutting.


Julia Child

julia child rose

Floribunda Roses This is a cross between a hybrid tea rose and a polyantha rose. This type produces clusters of flowers in great abundance!They are hardy roses that are low growing, and bushy. They have large blooms that are sometimes single, but are usually born in large clusters. You can expect ever blooming sprays of roses. They are a great garden rose, that is widely used in landscaping situations.

Grandiflora Rose Types

Queen Elizabeth

queen elizabeth

Grandiflora's inherited their beautiful flower form, and long stems from their Hybrid Tea parents, and the ability to produce continuous blooms from their Floribunda parentage.  This type produces large blooms, that are great for cutting. They are hardy rose bush plants, that grow large in size, and are nice for the back of the border or garden.


Hot Tamale

hot tamale

Miniature Roses are petite versions of full size rose plants. The leaves, stems, and flowers,are all miniature size.

Plant heights range from 3 inches to 3 feet or more. The flowers can range from an inch across to several inches. They come in a very wide range of colors, with new ones being introduced continually. They resemble tiny floribundas and hybrid teas, but they are a class of their own. Some are even climbers. Smaller ones can be grown indoors or out, and do well in containers or window boxes..

Search this List of Mini Roses

Climbing Rose Types These types of roses have long canes that can sometimes be trained to grow horizontally along a fence. Training them this way, forces them to produce more of the lateral flowering branches. The stiffer caned rose varieties can be trained on a pergola trellis or arbor. Some are once blooming, others bloom off and on all summer.

Polyantha Types of Roses

Very hardy plants that flower continually. Low-growing and compact.

Clusters of flowers in shades of white, pink, yellow, red or orange.

Single flowers that are small, and open flat. Great edging or hedge plants.

Learn more about Polyantha roses, and view a list of them with information on them.

Hybrid Musk roses

The beautiful Hybrid Musk roses are long-caned plants that make massive arching shrubs, or climbing roses.

They bloom in a large variety of colors, with a wide variety of fragrances.

As a whole, this class of roses is tolerant of shade, heat tolerant to zone 9, and even do well in poor soil.

Their best bloom is spring, and fall flushes.

Rambler Rose Types

Super Dorothy

super dorothy rose

Some of today's climbers descended from the Rambler roses.

These types of roses are generally very large, quick growing, and very hardy rose plants.

Most of them bloom only once in early summer, but put on a spectacular display that lasts quite sometime.

Unfortunately, lots of the old Ramblers have disappeared from the market.Others are hard to find, but if you do come across them, they are certainly worth your effort to grow them!

Shrub Roses

Shrub Roses Shrub roses are divided into several major sub-classes.

Hybrid Musk Rose Types

Are fairly tall,all-season bloomers,hardy, disease resistant, have very fragrant flowers in clusters. They can tolerate less sun than other roses.

Hybrid Moyesii

Stiff plants that grow tall. Repeat bloomers



hansa rose

Hybrid Rugosa Roses Low growing plants that have wrinkled foliage. They are disease resistant. Single or double flowers.

Are great if you live near the beach. They will tolerate wind and sea spray well.


These rose types are shrubs or short climbers. They have excellent hardiness. A wide variety of colors and flower form.

Rose Trees

Rose Trees called "Tree Roses" These are roses produced by grafting a long straight stem of one rose on to the roots of another. Atop this is grafted the flowering plant. Usually a graceful weeping rose variety.

As beautiful as they are, (And they will likely perform the first season in all their crowning glory), they are all very tender.

Learn how the petals on the flower determine the classification of the rose: Petals on a rose

Hybrid Tea rose

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