Rose Trees

Patio Tree Rose and Weeping Tree Roses

weeping pink tree rose

Rose Trees are created by carefully grafting hardy rootstock to a long stem, that is in turn, grafted to a rose bush at the top of the stem.

Ones such as the pink weeping tree rose, make an elegant centerpiece in a small garden, or a very formal effect in a larger garden, when planted in groups of 3 or 4 spaced 2 feet apart.

Planted along the garden path, they add an air of Elegance! They are also quite lovely on the Patio, or Deck.

Because of their shape and structure,a Patio Tree Rose, or Rose Trees, are very susceptible to wind and ice damage. Although you can grow them in colder parts of the country, it is recommended that you plant them in containers, and bring them in for winter protection, or bury them for the winter.

I've recently seen many knockout tree roses being sold and planted in my area, I'm sure they are on the hardier side. If you've grown these, please share your experiences with keeping them through the winter with us... Contact me with your experience.

sunsprite tree rose

The ( yellow) Tree Rose (Sunsprite) is one of the most popular colors in roses.

This floribunda  produces tons of flower clusters all summer long. Patio Tree Sunsprite Roses are perfect for planting in containers on a patio or planting in your garden.

Tree Roses have been around for many years, but this delightful Patio Tree Rose is a recent innovation. Unlike the tall, spindly weak stems of regular Tree Roses, requiring staking, these sturdy, thick stemmed Patio Roses can be planted in tubs and can get up to 36" tall.

Store in protected locations in sub-zero winter areas or plant directly in the ground in mild winter areas. Zones 6-10.

rainbow sunblaze tree rose

Rainbow Sunblaze        

Planting, and more Tips on Tree Roses

red tree rose

If you are planting in the ground, you will plant them just like any other rose bush;

  • Amend the soil if necessary
  • Plant at the right depth
  • Make sure the roots do not dry out before you get them planted
  • Water well after planting
  • Mulch
  • Keep watered throughout the growing season
  • Fertilize as you would any other rose bush
  • Keep a watch for disease or rose pests

When planting Tree Roses, stake on both sides and attach to the tree. They need extra support until well established. (I suggest you keep the support on the tree to avoid damage to it) If not supported, they might be damaged on a very windy day.

You have to keep them pruned to your desired shape.

You must remove any sucker growth (sprouts growing out of the trunk)as soon as you see them.

Winter Care for Rose Trees

In zones 6 an warmer,you should trim the top way back, wrap the entire tree in an insulating material purchased at any garden center. Then wrap the whole thing in burlap, and secure with duct tape. This will keep your Rose tree secure until Spring.

If you live in a colder zone (lower than 6) you should grow your rose trees in containers.

To keep it alive through the winter:

In fall, let it go dormant. Take it in in early October- before it freezes. Place it in a cool place, that doesn't get much light. (A cool basement is ideal)

Do Not put it in a heated area with a lot of light!

Do Not try to keep it inside the house or in a place that freezes ( an unheated porch)

Occasionally water it, keeping it moist, but not overly wet. The idea is to not let it completely dry out.

In March, very gradually bring it into a warmer, brighter area

In April- put it back in the garden.

After the first year, it may need re-potting,

pink cusion tree rose

Pink Cushion
Cascades of fluffy pink, double roses that form in clusters by the dozens all summer long. This hardy beauty shrugs off snow and rain and thrives in poor soil. Grafted on a hardy stem, it can be planted in containers or in the ground as an upright space-saving accent and can get up to 36" tall.

More Tree Roses

garnet tree rose

 Garnet tree rose

mandarin sunblaze tree rose

Mandarin Sunblaze has a deliciously strong, bright, orange color and vigorous habit. Loads of blooms will cover this little tree. Good disease resistance.

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