Rose Tattos

Rose Heart Tattoo and Rose Flower Tattoos

rose tattosRose Tatto

Rose Tattos, and Rose Heart Tattoos are very popular flower tattoos.

If you LOVE roses, you might be considering one....

View pictures for ideas before you get one.

A Tatto is a life lasting commitment that you want to think about seriously before you choose. Tattoos can have different meanings depending on the individual.

People get them to proudly display their feelings.

A tattoo is a symbol that we display on our body, by having the design etched on to our skin.

The Rose is a Symbol of Love and Passion

The Rose is the most popular of the flower tattoo designs.

Having a heart Tattoo can symbolize Love and Caring

  • A single Red Rose can mean I Love You
  • A Thorn-less rose means Love at First Sight
  • A most common meaning of the rose tatto is simply Beauty
gothic rose tattoo
chris tattoo heart

heart tattoo
red heart tatto

rose tattoo by alexie
skull and rose tattoo

Did you know?

In the 1940's the rose was a popular tattoo among sailors, who used them to honor their wife or girlfriend back home.

red rose tattoo
rose design tattoo

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Looking for more Heart Tattoo Designs?

banner heart tatto

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