Rose Symbolism

The Symbolic Meaning of Roses

rose symbolism

Rose Symbolism and the symbolic meaning of roses and their colors, is very interesting.

The custom of 'giving roses' began in the Middle ages. It is said that, before going off to battle, a Knight presented his lady with a rose to signify his love for her. The rose became the flower of chivalry and love, and is now the most popular flower to give to someone you love, especially on Saint Valentines Day.

The symbolism of rose colors have unspoken messages of affection. Today, many people know the symbolic meaning of rose colors, do you?

Did you also know that roses mixed with different colors have hidden symbolic meanings?

Meanings of the Rose Colors

Red Roses Mean ~ Love, I Love You

Red and white Mean ~ A sense of belonging together. When you mix in some Ivy, it means you will be linked together forever.

At the War of the roses, members of the houses of York and Lancaster declared their opposition by plucking a white rose and a red rose respectively. King Henry VII superimposed the red rose of Lancaster with the white rose of York to create the Tudor rose, a red and white rose that came to symbolize unity.

Red and Yellow symbolizes ~ Celebration.

Red/White and Pink symbolizes ~ May God Bless You (meant to represent- The Holy Trinity of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit)

Droplets of blood from Venus, The goddess of love and beauty, were thought to have spawned the first red roses.

Medieval legends believe that a white rose bloomed in the garden of Eden, and turned pink, after a kiss from Eve.

Some religions believe that red roses cannot grow over a grave.

The Blue Rose means ~ Mysterious, unattainable love

There are NO true blue roses. A Roman Myth believes..

Flora the goddess of flowers, asked the gods to create a flower that all other flowers could use as a model of perfection. She also requested that there never be a blue rose, since the color blue was associated with death.

The red rose

whispers of passion,

And the white rose

breathes of live;

Oh, the red rose

is a falcon, And

the white rose

is a dove.

-John Boyle O'Reilly

Rose Symbolism for the Number of Roses

The number of roses you send also has meaning in rose symbolism, here are just a few.

1. Love at first sight

2. Mutual feelings

3. I Love You

7. Infatuation

More Symbolism for Roses

In some Pagen mythologies, no undead creatures can cross the path of a wild rose. The thought was that placing a wild rose on a coffin, prevented the deceased from rising again (to become a vampire)

Throwing rose leaves into a fire are thought to bring good luck.

History records that in ancient Greece and other countries the rose had a powerful mystique. The ancient city of Rhodes took it's name and civic symbol from the Greek word rhoden or rose. Still today, roses grow there in abundance.

For the Romans, the rose came to represent secrecy. The earlier citizens held clandestine political meetings, they would place a bouquet of roses over the door of the house. hence the term sub rosa (under the rose) In Europe the rose became a symbol of courtly love and the subject of many songs of the troubadours. Reflecting this tradition was the French Roman de la Rose , one of the most famous poems of the middle ages.

You've read some Rose Symbolism,learn the Meaning of Rose Colors

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