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Make Rose and Lavendar Sachets

rose sachetRose Sachet

You can make your own lovely Rose sachet with dried rose petals from your garden. Don't let those rose petals go to waste! Keep saving, and drying the petals until you have enough to make some lovely sachets.

Because the Rose Flower symbolizes unity and togetherness...

And Lavender Flowers symbolize devotion....

combined together they make a wonderful combination for wedding sachets.

Especially if you have an Old-Fashioned Wedding.

You can also use them to perfume your drawers, or place them on a nightstand by your bed. You could hang them from a door handle, or simply make your own party favors.

How to Make a Sachet From Rose Petals

Dry the roses by the method of your choice:


Air Dry or

Microwave method
More information on drying roses here.

The Potpourri Mix

e1. Once dry, place petals in a large (non-metal) bowl,

2. Add dried rose leaves,dried lavendar blossoms, dried Statice, any other dried flowers you wish to add. (cut up large pieces)

3. Put about 20 drops essential oil of your choice in, stir to mix.

4. Put materials into a jar- Cover (or) put in a paper bag, with top folded down.- Let sit for 10 days.

Sachet Material

Material to use for your homemade sachet include:

~A lace or linen handkerchief~ pieces of lace ~an old lace curtain~ or any delicate fabric.

How to Make:

1. Cut the material into a rectangle, a bit larger than the size you want the finished rose sachet to be.

2. Turn material inside out.

3. You can either sew (or ) hot glue the 3 sides together, leaving the top open for filling.

4. Fold down the top edge and sew or hot glue.

5. Turn right side out Now you can either go to the next step, or you could get really creative here. At any craft or fabric store you can buy little embellishments of tiny roses,beads, and other things that you could either sew, or hot glue to your rose sachet to make it especially unique! Take a look at the top picture, to see how I added some blue lace to the bottom of this one. If you want to hang it from somewhere, you could sew a string of white beads to use as the (handle). You could also have some beads that hang down from the bottom. Sew or glue on some tiny silk flowers, ideas are limitless!

Another idea is to use pretty Victorian fabric (lightweight cotton),that you could embellish with ribbon and lace. You won't be able to see the potpourri inside, but you will know it is there by the wonderful fragrance, that gets stronger by giving the sachet a little squeeze.

6. Fill the bag with the potpourri mix about 1/2 inch from the top.

7. Tie top together with a pretty ribbon of lace, or satin.

And now you have your finished rose sachet.

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