Rose Propagating

What is Propagating Roses From Cuttings?

rose propagation

Rose Propagating allows you to multiply the roses you already have, and add to your garden by propagating some of your friends/neighbors plants by rose propagation!

If you have a particular rose that is your favorite, and does well in your garden, you can add to your collection, when you learn how to grow roses from cuttings.

It is however Illegal to propagate a patented plant for 20 years after the patent. Old garden roses, and those who's patents have expired are o.k.

If you love old roses as I do, be on the lookout for those antique roses that are o.k. to multiply!

Stem cuttings will grow into Own root roses that are identical to the parent plant.

Propagated Roses Become Own-Root Roses

These plants are actually VERY hardy, because they are growing on their own root system. So even if the winter kills them right down to the ground- the roots are there for them to grow back from!!

Have you ever had a rose that was once a lovely pink color suddenly bloom in a deep purple shade?

The reason for this, is that the purple blooms are actually canes growing from the rootstock of a grafted rose. The once pink rose has now reverted back to the rootstock that it was grafted on. I must admit to having a few roses do this to me in the past.

This can't happen with 'Own-Root-Roses'!

Propagation from stem cuttings is one of the simplest techniques to grow roses from cuttings.

Seven Sisters Rose Grown From a Cutting

seven sisters rose

This Old Garden rose 'Seven Sisters' started out in my garden as a 'cutting' given to me by a friend. It has become one of my favorites! The only down part to this rose is that it only blooms once a year. But what a show it puts on!! Don't assume cuttings take a long time to grow! My Seven Sisters came to me in a 3 inch pot, but in just a few short years, look at how it's grown!

I'm a big fan of propagating the roses you can, and growing own root roses!

They do really well in my climate.

How to Propagate.....

Ready to start rose propagating? Want to start some roses from cuttings of your own? Follow this link for easy instructions on Multiplying your Roses by Rose Propagating

Try this very easy recipe of Willow Water to make your cuttings root better!

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