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My Rose Garden 2015

rose pictures from my gardenMy Rose Garden 2015

These Rose Pictures are from my 2015 rose garden. I must say that all in all, it was a good year in my gardens! All the flowers (including the roses) did well!

I added lots of new roses this year that will take a couple of years to really make a difference in the garden. Although most of them actually produced a few blooms this season. Some came with buds when they were shipped!

Some I ordered (2) of, but they sure don't always grow at the same rate!

Scroll down to see rose pictures  from my garden!

Rose Pictures from my garden...

yellow rosesClimbing Golden Showers

Golden Showers did quite well for me this year, producing lots of blooms. The Japanese Beetles seemed to favor it when they showed up late in the season!

wise portia roseWise Portia

I am very impressed with my new 'Wise Portia' rose. It produced several blooms this season! I was eager to get out to the garden and take rose pictures of it! I'm not sure the camera captured the true color of these lovely blooms; it is a purple/pink color like no other in my garden.

westerland roseWesterland

Just love the color of these blooms!  One of my Grand Daughter's favorites! Take a closer look at the Westerland rose.

waiheke roseWaiheke

Another new one that quickly became a favorite! The blooms are stunning; like Hybrid tea roses! 

On a stroll through the garden, my 4 year old Grand Daughter Alison remarked "Oh no, a bug is eating one of your favorite roses"!

More about Waihekie

the rose gardenThe Rose Garden

I hope you will be inspired by these rose pictures, and maybe get ideas for planting some of these roses in your garden of roses.

Therese Bugnet roseTherese Bugnet

A favorite Rugosa rose.  I have these planted in a hedge around the garden. This year they bloomed like never before. I discovered that the more you deadhead these roses the more they bloom! Learn more about this rose.

seven sisters rose 2015Seven Sisters

This once blooming old rose is a standout in the garden! I've done some propagating, and made two more bushes  that I planted this spring.

It didn't take the  first one long to grow into a huge beautiful bush, so I imagine these two will grow as quickly!

row of pastel roses

A row of pastel roses including Rainbow Knockout rose.

row of ligh colored roses

The row on the other side. These starting sending out lots of buds early in the season.

F.J. Grootendorst roseF. J. Grootendorst

This F.J. Grootendorst  just won't stop blooming!

miniature rosesMiniature roses

These are some (unnamed miniatures) that I received as gifts mostly, and planted out in the garden. They can be quite beautiful and I find (most) to be quite hardy.

New Dawn roseNew Dawn

Another favorite climber New Dawn has soft pink, romantic blooms.

It had a bad winter, and I had to cut it down almost to the ground, but by now (Sept.)at the end of the season, the canes have grown up over the pergola again. This is a very vigorous growing rosebush!

Compassion roseCompassion

A new rose that produced several blooms, that were huge! The first bloom seemed almost to big for the little plant it was growing on! ! I can't wait for Compassion to have a few years to grow!

Purple Splash rose

The Purple Splash rose has splashes of white on the blooms. No two are alike! It to is a vigorous growing climbing rose, so I planted it on my wrought iron metal stair planter. (this is a picture from early in the season)

purple splash climbing rose

climbing roses

These are some climbing roses that I don't actually know the name of. They have been growing in the garden for years, and somehow I've lost the name!  Non the less, I love them! See them in the above picture (with purple splash) on the right?

Here they are  below in an earlier image with some first blooms.

red roses on fancy trellis

This old wicker bed frame makes a nice trellis for the roses. I love finding unusual things to use in my garden.

Hot Cocoa roseHot Cocoa

This rose; Hot Cocoa has a most unusual color! But one I find very pleasing. I like adding roses of unique colors to my garden.

mini rosesMiniature Roses

A bed of colorful Miniature roses. This little bed of miniature rosebushes added color to each side of the urn. Miniature roses can be quite hardy. Want some for your garden? Look through this list of minis to find ones for your climate.

pink miniature roseClose up of a pink miniature

Carefree BeautyCarefree Beauty

My Carefree Beauty rose has large, sweet pink blooms. This one never fails me.

knockout rosesKnockout

The Knockout roses are always blooming! They won't stop until late fall!

Mary roseMary Rose

Mary Rose is another favorite that always does well. The bushes don't get as large as others report, but these English roses have such beautiful blooms, that I'll settle for a smaller size bush.

Peace rosePeace

The Peace rose has the sweetest, pastel blooms! I plan to order another one in the spring!

Dublin Bay Climbing roseDublin Bay Climber

I moved this Dublin Bay climbing rose onto this trellis, and it has done well. It is around 4 1/2' tall and blooming!

pink roses

I hope you enjoyed these rose pictures, and the the tour of my rose garden 2015.

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