Rose Petal Vinegar

Learn How to Make it, and It's Many Uses

rose petal vinegar

Rose Petal Vinegar is another way of using your rose petals from the garden. This is a very easy recipe to make, and the vinegar can be used in numerous ways.

Recipe for Rose Petal Vinegar

What you will need;

  • Enough Roses to fill your jar
  • A Glass jar or container with a cork or plastic cover
  • Vinegar(enough to cover the rose petals)

Types of Vinegar to use;

White Wine Vinegar

White Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Which is best?

You can use any one; keep in mind that the white vinegar will make a redder colored finished vinegar, but apple cider vinegar might be a better choice if your intended use is for sunburns, insect bites etc.

All are edible, so any could be used as a salad dressing

Please note: Only use organically grown roses to be sure they have not been sprayed with any chemicals!

How to Make it

making rose petal vinegar
  • Collect enough roses to fill your intended jar (Dried rose petals could also be used, but only organically grown ones, not those from a florist)!
  • Pull the petals apart, rinse under cool water (to remove any insects)
  • Fill the jar with the rose petals

The next step depends on how much of a rush you are to make the vinegar;

If you need this in a hurry;

In a non-metal pan, gently heat the vinegar(Do Not Boil)

Heating the vinegar speeds up the process

If you have plenty of time, do it the old-fashioned way;

You don't need to heat the vinegar....

  • Pour vinegar on top of the rose petals to cover them with it.

(Use a plastic strainer if you choose)

It is best to use a jar that Does NOT have a metal lid.( Vinegar mixing with metal will give you a nasty metallic taste.)

  • Cover the mixture and let it sit in a cool dark place for a few weeks (up to 6) Give it a shake now and then to mix. (I have mine in the pantry,and shake it when I walk by(when I remember to)

Depending on the color of the roses you used, within a few weeks your rose petal vinegar will turn a lovely deep red color. (Lighter colored roses will be much lighter).

  • Strain out the rose petals, store in glass bottles covered.

This vinegar is very pretty to look at, but it should be stored in a dark place, because the color fades in the light.

 Uses for Vinegar Made From Rose Petals

  • Use it to create your own special salad dressing adding garlic, pepper, and other spices of your choosing.
  • Use it as a Marinade for Pork or Chicken
  • Use a Q-Tip to dab it on an insect Bite
  • A cloth soaked in this vinegar is thought by some to ease the pain of a headace (drape it across your forehead as you relax)
  • Sunburn Relief  ~Dilute with water then using a spray bottle, spritz on sunburned skin. (Be sure to spot test else where on your skin to be sure you are not sensitive to this before you spray!)
  • Hair Rinse  ~ Dilute with water; Thought to relieve itchy scalp
  • Add to your Bath Water Pour a cupful into your bath water. (Add some Epsom Salts for a soothing soak)


Rose Petal Vinegar has a very cooling effect, thus making it useful on itchy spots and sunburned areas. Some say it is even useful on Rosacea.

As with any product that you use on your skin, you should know how YOUR body will react to it before you use it!

Vinegar has a high acid content, and can sometimes cause contact burns especially on sensitive or delicate skin when applied directly. It is recommended that it is diluted with water before applying it to your skin.

My favorite use for this Rose Petal Vinegar is for Sunburn! It immediately cools the burn, and with my experience using it, my sunburn never seems to amount to anything, but fades into a tan. Note; I've never had a real Serious Sunburn, and I don't appear to have sensitive skin!


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