Rose Petal Soap

Make Your Own From Rose Petals

rose petals for soapRose Petal Soap

Making Rose Petal Soap is really easy. It's also a great way to use up those extra rose petals from your garden!

If you like doing craft projects, make your own hand made bar soap! They make really great gifts for any occasion.

If you need Wedding favors,or Shower favors, you can make lots of homemade soap favors, pretty inexpensively, using your own fresh rose petals. (Be sure the petals are from roses grown organically!)

Homemade wedding soap favors, and actually any time you need a favor....favor soap, is becoming extremely popular, as more and more people choose to go green, and use the natural soap.

Instructions for Making Rose Petal Soap

Things you will need:

~ Melt and Pour soap

 ~10 drops Rose Essential Oil (or use your favorite)

~1/2 Cup Chopped Rose Petals (dark red ones look the best)

 ~Food Coloring

Before you start

rose petal soap

You can purchase soap molds, or use an ice cube tray, or muffin tin, or use chocolate molds. Chocolate molds are available in LOTS of different shapes, and they are a small size, making them especially good if you need to make a lot of rose petal soap for favors. A party favor, is after all, suppose to be a small favor, not a large gift.

Click here to visit Moldcreations

to purchase some creative molds including Floral, Holiday, Animals, Religious, Fleur De Lis, and many more. Re-use again and again!

This method of making homemade natural soaps,is by using the 'Melt and Pour' method, which is just as the name suggests.

In any craft store, you can buy 'Melt and Pour Soap'

Recipe for Rose Soap

*1. Cut soap into chunks

*2. Microwave in large bowl, or glass measuring cup, covered in plastic wrap.

*3. Stir in chopped rose petals. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil- just before pouring

Now is also the time to add anything extra to your soap (example: Oatmeal)

* 4. Add a few drops of food coloring of your desired color

* 5. Pour into your desired mold- allow to cool

* 6.Pop out of the mold

tip: if soaps stick to the mold, pop the mold into the freezer for about 15 minutes.

* 7. Allow 2-3 days to harden

Decorate your Rose Petal Soap

For your own personal use, your rose soap would look very pretty, simply placed in any small decorative bowl on your vanity.

If you are making for gifts:

Larger squares of soap, could be first wrapped in clear plastic wrap, then using a strip of pretty decorative paper, fasten the strip around the middle of the bar of soap, and tape with cellophane tape.(like slipping a money band onto a pile of bills) Don't make the paper to wide as to hide the pretty soap, you want to see soap on both ends of the strip of paper.

Paper could be chooses according to the holiday or occasion.

Tip: a good place to get this decorative paper is at the scrap-booking, or craft section of any Department store. For making favors

Wrap each small soap bar with a piece of Tulle, gather at the top with a pretty ribbon, tie into bow.

(Be sure shower guests know they are receiving rose petal soap, and not something edible!)

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Video on Making Soap..

Click Here for a video on making soap!

Lots of information on the step by step process..

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