Rose Petal Rosary Beads

How I Made My Prayer Beads

These are my Rose Petal Rosary Beads that I made from the roses in my garden.

If you've ever thought about making these prayer beads, or any rose petal beads, follow along as I show you how I made mine....

rose petal rosary beadsMy Finished Rosary Beads Made from Rose Petals

Instructions to Making Rose Petal Prayer Beads

You can use fresh petals, or...... Do what I did.... Use some that you have already dried.

I like to dry petals all summer, getting ready for making batches of potpourri and other rose crafts. (And now that I know how to do it...rose petal rosary beads!) So I always have dried petals on hand.

To Make Your Rose Petal Rosary Beads

What You Will Need;

  • 3-4 roses (or) the equivalent of dried petals
  • 3/4 (or so) cup water
  • Self Hardening Clay
  • Nail Polish (your choice of color)
  • Paneling Nails
  • Cork or styrofoam to dry beads on
  • Very fine sand paper

For my rose petal rosary beads, I used dark red rose petals. These were not particularly fragrant ones, I just used what I had. I wasn't concerned about fragrance, since I planned to paint them, and that would hide any fragrance anyway.

This is how I made my rose petal rosary beads;

 I put a few handfuls of petals into my chopper to chop them as fine as possible. (Next time I do this, I will really crush them up...Maybe use my herb crusher!)

crushing rose petals for prayer beadsCrush Petals as Fine as Possible

I ground small amounts at a time on the pulse setting. I had to keep opening the cover to stir them up a bit.

Now It's time to cook them into a paste. I used my non stick pan, (again color didn't matter), but they say if you use a cast iron pan, it will turn the petals a dark red, almost black color)

Mine actually did turn dark red, (but the petals were dark to begin with)

cooking rose petals to make into beadscooking rose petals to make into beads

I added about 3/4 of a cup of water to the petals and cooked them on low, stirring as they cooked.

It's easy to burn the petals, so stay close to the pan. You have to cook them long enough so that you cook the water out of them.

They didn't seem to be turning to paste like I wanted them to, so I returned them (in batches) to the chopper and chopped them some more. (adding a bit more water)

Then I put them back in the pan, and cooked them more, stirring the whole time.

When they looked about right, I let the mixture cool, then put it in a plastic bowl, covered it, and stuck it in the fridge. (You can skip this part) I couldn't keep going because the 'Self Hardening Clay' I ordered hadn't arrived yet!

When my clay came, (I ordered it online)

I mixed it about 60/40 with the petal mixture. (60% petals and 40% clay)

You can Order Self-Hardening Clay HEREstonex self hardening clay
rose beads dryingMix with self hardening clay

I used 'Stonex' white colored,self-hardening Clay

It is non-toxic, moist clay

I slowly mixed it with my fingers into the rose petal mix until it was completely blended.

Then I made small balls by rolling bits of the mixture in the palm of my hand. (exactly like making meatballs)

You should make the rose petal beads a bit larger than you want the finished beads for your rose petal rosary beads, because they shrink quite a bit when they are dried.

rose petal beads sizedA good size to make them

After you have the beads formed to the size you want, (see photo with penny to get an idea of the size I made.)

Stick the nail through the center of the bead.

I used paneling nails (because if you don't paint your beads, regular nails would discolor the inside of the bead)

Now poke the nail into your styrofoam (or whatever you choose) to use for drying the beads.

Now for a Very Important Part!

After an hour or so, you MUST move the beads up and down on the nail. If you don't do this, the beads will harden on the nails, and you will not be able to remove them from the nails.(I tested this;it's true!)

You have to keep moving the beads whilst they are drying, so for a few days, you have to commit to doing this a few times a day!

Once the beads were totally dry, I used some fine sand paper to smooth them out a bit.

You can get rather fussy with this if you want....I preferred mine to be more natural, so they are not perfectly round, or even all the exact same size...

Once they are dry, and you are finished sanding them,remove them from the nails.

dried rose beadsDried Rose Petal Beads

Once my beads were dry, I painted them with nail polish, to give them a different color.

If you look at the photo above, you'll see the first 2 beads on the left are a much darker color. These 2 I rolled (before) adding the clay. So if you want beads without using the clay, you will get a much darker bead, (assuming you use dark colored roses)

Painting Rose Petal BeadsPainting Rose Petal Beads

To paint them, I put them back on the nail (to hold them) They roll around a bit on the nail, but just keep turning the nail and painting them.

If you paint your finger nails, you know that two coats always look better than one.

A hairdryer blowing on each bead after you paint it will make this less time consuming. Give the bead a turn before doing the second coat (it sometimes sticks to the nail from the polish).

I put all my finished (dried and painted)beads into a container, and then put the rosary bead together using a crucifix, center piece, pieces of sterling silver chain, and some pearl beads that I purchased.

This part was new to me....but I found it doable once I got the hang of attaching the beads together.

If you make these rose petal rosary beads... I would love to see photos of your finished beads!

Please continue to view other pages of interest on my site, and please don't be shy about sharing likes or Pins on Face Book or Pinterest, (or any of your favorite social media) Thanks a bunch!

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