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rose petal potpourriRose Petal Potpourri

The making of Rose petal potpourri, has been around for a very long time. Potpourri is made by mixing dried flowers (and/or herbs)with spices.

It is a very decorative way to add fragrance to your home all season! Making rose potpourri with rose petals, is especially nice, because the petals of the rose retain their fragrance, and look very decorative when placed in a glass jar or bowl.

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The deep dark red ones make the best rose petal potpourri, because they retain their color the best. You can use any color petals, put the white or yellow ones will turn brown. (personally I like the look of the brownish colored petals)it gives them a look of age!

There are many variations to making rose petal potpourri. You can use your choice of petal colors, spices, and herbs, or essential oils. There is NO wrong way! So head on out to the garden, and start cutting some blooms to give it a try!

How to make Homemade Rose Petal Potpourri

1. The best time to cut the roses is early morning, when they are the most fragrant. While your out there, why not snip a few flowers to dry with the roses? Lavender,Delphinium, and even the tiny rosebuds are especially nice. A few rose leaves can also be used.

Herbs such as Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme could be added also. (add them sparingly, the main ingredient should be the rose petals.)

2. Gently remove each petal from the flower.

3. Lay petals on a screen (window screens work well), and let dry, turning as needed.

Note to dry faster: place petals on a cookie sheet in oven set to the lowest temperature (or) place petals in microwavable dish and microwave for 1 min, or until dry.

4. Once petals are completely dry, place them in a glass bowl, (or any bowl other than metal), and mix with a fixative. The best fixative would be Orris root (available at the drugstore) or Lavender or Sandlewood (available at your neighborhood herb store)

5. You can add scents like dried citrus peel (orange, lemon, or lime), also whole cloves (crush a few), cinnamon, nutmeg, also work well.

6. A couple drops of your favorite essential oil(available at any herb or department store) will enhance the natural rose oil of the petals. 7. Put your rose petal Potpourri in a jar- cover tightly, then shake the jar to mix and blend the ingredients. Leave for at least 10 days, shaking once in a while.

8. Your finished Rose Potpourri is now ready to be placed in the container of your choice. A glass jar or any decorative bowl will do. And don't forget: Rose Petal Potpourri makes a great gift for any occasion!You can now enjoy roses from your garden all year, even in the winter months! So in the middle of the winter, when you get those winter blues, just sink your hand into the bowl of lovely potpourri, and as you breath in that wonderful fragrance, just know that another year of gardening will soon be upon us!

learn this method of how to make potpourri that will last up to 50 years!

lighted potpourri jar

Make this beautiful Lighted Potpourri Jar with your rose petals!

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