Rose Honey

Rose Recipe

by Adriana

rose honey

Rose Honey is a recipe you can easily make using the rose petals from your own garden. There are numerous recipes for all kinds of ways to (eat) your rose petals, and this one is both easy and delicious!

It uses rose petals from your own garden, some Honey (local honey is best if you can get it), and water.

If you have a favorite recipe using rose petals, don't be shy.... Share it with us!

This recipe for honey using rose petals was sent in by a reader; (Adriana) Take a look (and try it)

rose petals for recipes

This recipe for Rose Honey can be used with just about any edible herb, and is as delicious as it gets!

I don't have specific amounts of roses to volume of water. Use your best judgment--usually enough to cover the surface of the water is best.

Instructions to make Rose Honey

  • Remove white ends of edible roses.
  • Crush or cut roses finely.
  • Boil in one pint of water for 15 minutes.
  • Strain and add two pounds of honey to the mixture.
  •  Boil to a light honey-like consistency.

It should have the texture of pure honey when it cools, but the taste of sweet roses.

Other recipes recommend immersing the herb or flower in honey for several weeks, turning the container over to mix several times a day, and then straining the plant from the honey. I find this recipe to be easier because once those roses get cooking, you just can't wait more than a few minutes to indulge!

Note:  Be sure to use rose petals that have not been sprayed with any chemicals! Do NOT use rose petals from the florist!

This would make a nice Gift idea.....

Put these in some small decorative jars, and what a wonderful gift it would make!

Imagine the pretty honey jar in a small decorative basket with maybe a pretty tea cup and some tea bags!

You're friends will be asking for more!

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