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Rose Hip tea is My favorite way to enjoy the benefits of eating rose hips.

Do you wonder why I Eat Rose Hips? I think that the best reason to eat or drink rose hips is more than the delicious taste of them. They are an incredible source of vitamin C. Since we know that vitamin C  helps to fight infections, colds/flu, sore throat, fatigue and stress, I’d say that were reason enough!

But once you taste how delicious they can be, you’ll find another reason!  My easy recipe is at the bottom of the page!

The  Hips from roses  provide almost 20 times the amount of vitamin C found in oranges.

One of the best (and easiest) roses to collect hips from is  Rosa Rugosa, because they produce very tasty hips, but they are not the only ones you can use.

Where do the hips come from?

The hips form after the flower dies. Allow the blooms to fade on the bush. The faded flowers will turn to hips. (do not cut the blooms, if you are collecting the hips, the more you cut the less hips you will produce)

Rose hips start out green and turn red/orange after they grow and age. You can harvest them when they become completely red but not overripe. They are usually ready to pick after the first frost.

Preparing the Hips for Rose Hip Tea

You can cut them and use them the same day, dry them for later use, or preserve them for later.

To dry them;  Pick and spread the hips out on a clean surface. Allow them to dry until the skin begins to feel dry and slightly shriveled. When this happens, cut them in half and take out all of the seeds and tiny hairs in the center.

After you remove the seeds, you can let the hips dry completely. Don't wait to remove the seeds until hips are completely dry or you might have trouble removing the seeds.


rose hips

The best way to store your dried hips is in sealed plastic bags.  You can freeze the bags for long term use, or simply refrigerate if you plan on using them within a month.

You can eat dried hips as a tasty (semi-sweet) snack, or make delicious tea, jam, or preserves from them.

If you grow your own roses ORGANICALLY, here is an easy recipe you might want to try:


Rose Hip Tea Recipe

Follow this recipe for making fresh tea from the rose hips you produce in your own garden of roses.


* Put 4-6 hips (prepared as noted above) in a non-aluminum pan


* Add 2 cups of room temperature water


*  boil water


*Turn down heat, and simmer for about 30 minutes (less if you like a weaker tea)


* Strain and add sweetener to taste (Try a bit of Honey)

Caution: Please don't make rose hip tea from rose hips of an unknown source! Use only hips from your own garden, to be sure they are pesticide and chemical free!

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