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pink rose hedges

Rose Hedges, are rosebushes that make fast growing beautiful shrubs for hedges that flower in abundance. These hedges made from The Queen of Flowers' will provide you with not only privacy, but beautiful foliage, and lots of color. Not to mention some breath-taking blooms!

There are many roses that make suitable rose hedges, so choose ones that are not only hardy to your area, but also ones that are disease resistant, and you will have a lovely hedge to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Rose, Hedge Red Robin Hood

Why Plant Hedge Roses?

  • Your hedge roses once established will provide a living' wall of beauty.
  • They can ensure privacy or hide eyesores.
  • They can literally keep unwanted visitors to the garden 'in' or 'out', depending on which side they are on.
  • They can define your lawn from your neighbors, or deter pedestrians from the front yard from walking across your lawn.
  •  They can also be used to define space in the garden, to distinguish (rooms) in the garden, or surround all or part of your garden. (Certainly cheaper than adding a fence!)

Planting your Rose Hedges

Your hedge must be in the sun for your roses to do well. It is also important that you have open space on both sides of the rose hedges to provide air circulation.

Assuming that you know where your hedge of roses will go, you should;

  • mark off the area, then with an edging shovel, or cut a line into the sod the length of the row.
  • Then measure out the distance that you want the width of the row to be. (This will be determined by the type of roses you use to make the hedge) Growing information on the rose will tell you how wide it will get. If you're not up to all that digging, start small, make the rows a couple feet wide, and expand it as the roses grow and time permits.
  •  After removing the sod,  break up the soil. Then add some composted material. Let this sit for a few days and follow the instructions for planting roses 
  • Mulch well, and be sure to keep your newly roses well watered.

If you don't want to invest in a lot of roses all at once, you could take cuttings from ones you already have to start your own rose hedges. Look here to learn rose propagation and multiply the roses you already have

Choose the Right Rose for the Right Height

Rose Hedges that are High (5 feet and taller)

rugosa rose hedge

Rose, Hedge Rosa Rugosa

Other high roses that make good  hedges include:

Linda Campbell, Nevada, Penelope, Roseraie, Shropshire Lass, Sunny June

Alba Roses  Carefree Wonder Rose    William Baffin Rose

Rose Hedges that are Medium (2-5 feet)

purple perfection rose

Rose, Purple Perfection Hedge

Other medium size roses that make good hedges include:

Buff beauty, Carefree Delight, Country Fair, Mary Rose, The Meidland Series, Nearly Wild, Royal Bonica, Winchester Cathedral Ballerina Rose
Hansa Rose Graham Thomas Rose Knockout Rose

Low Rose Hedges (under 2 feet)

The Best roses for a low hedge, are the miniature roses. They normally grow low, not more than a foot or so high and wide. Enclose an island bed or edge an entire garden, it's a classic way to make a bold statement in your garden.

Your rose hedges must be kept pruned to keep its shape, and also to keep the flowers coming. Shear your hedges into a straight-sided shape, for a unified more formal hedge, or let them grow into their natural graceful shape by pruning off spent flowers, and thinning canes with hand clippers.

Some of the best roses for low hedges include:

Behold, Cupcake, Gizmo, Gourmet Popcorn, Rise n Shine, Scentsational, Sun Sprinkles

Rose, Hedge Freedom Pink

Rose, Hedge Freedom Pink

These easy to grow and trouble free roses will give you fragrant blooms by the hundreds all summer long and on into fall! Grow only 4-6' tall and 3' wide, making them perfect for bordering your property or accenting your garden. Disease and insect resistant.

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