Rose Gardening Tips

 Advice for Growing Roses Organically

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I share some Rose Gardening Tips and organic gardening advice to advise you in rose care that will help you to grow the beautiful Queen of Flowers.

People have been growing roses for millions of years, and have handed down many tips on rose gardening through the generations.

They have long been recognized as America's favorite flower for hobby gardeners and floral designers alike.

No other flower is as versatile as the beloved rose.

Some have excellent disease resistance, many are low maintenance, and most have summer-long bloom.

Because the rose is so versatile, when gardening with roses, you are sure to find just what you need to create any landscape effect, in most any color combination. Below you will find my gardening tips and advice for beautiful, healthy roses that you will love.

My Rose Gardening Tips and Advice

Tip #1 Select the right rose for the purpose you need it for.

First make sure the rose you choose will grow and thrive in your climate. Next, select ones according to their growing habits. Select tall roses for the back of the bed, and compact or miniature ones for the front, or to grow along a walkway.

Select climbers according to what they will climb on; example: A climber for a lamp post shouldn't grow more than 8-10 feet. But one for a fence or a Pergola can grow 20 feet or more.

Tip #2 Your garden should receive at least 6 hours of sunlight for the success of your roses. Although there are some Shade Roses most roses need sun to flourish.

Tip # 3 Buy Healthy Plants. Rose plants on sale or "clearance" locally, are usually severely dehydrated, and won't survive.

Tip #4 Give them Room to Grow. When planting, dig a Big hole!. Allow enough room for a full grown bush, and give yourself enough room in-between plants to be able to access the center of the planting bed from at least one side.

Tip #5 Maintain Vigor with Fertilizer and lots of Water. Regular fertilizer, and plenty of water are rose gardening tips that will keep roses not only healthy, but vigorously blooming all season.

Remember to water at ground level, and avoid wetting leaves. Compost is one of the best fertilizers to give your roses.

rose gardening tips

How to make compost

Help keep plants moist with a thick layer of Garden mulch.

Tip #6 Invest in the right equipment. High quality gardening gloves and pruning shears will make the job easier. Learn the right time to Prune and how to do it correctly. learn about Pruning Rose Bushes

Tip #7 To keep your roses blooming all season, you must keep spent blooms removed. This is called Dead-heading your roses.

learn about Deadheading roses here

Tip #8 Avoid and cure problems and pests by Spraying your roses A regular routine will keep problems to a minimum. See my

perfect spray guide for roses.

Tip #9 Keep the garden free of dead flowers, leaves and debris to prevent the spread of disease.

Tip #10 The last rose gardening tip I will give you, is to refer to This allaboutrosegardening web site for advice on growing roses and using your roses. Check out the many pages and learn something new with each visit!

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