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rose gardening made easy

Rose gardening made easy for the easiest way to growing and enjoying your roses. Steps for growing roses successfully. Beginner to pro, there's lots to learn here.

I like to grow My roses organically. I am oposed to using harmful chemicals on my plants and flowers.

My rose gardening made easy ideas, includes using the flowers and hips in many different recipes and crafts,which is another reason you should also consider 'Going Organic'.

Roses are one of the most loved flower, and at the same time, one of the most feared to try to grow. This is in part because anyone trying to grow them must first learn the basic facts, including the needs of the rose plants. Knowledge is Power as they say, and growing roses takes a bit of knowledge. (You wouldn't try to prepare some elaborate meal if you hadn't a clue how to cook would you?) Well, growing this particular flower Roses takes some special know-how., which is why I've put together this guide for rose gardening made easy. Lets get started.....

Garden Design Ideas for Rose Gardening

Choosing the right spot for your rose garden is important. You don't have to have a huge garden, even a few rose plants need their bed and space to be suitable.

For ideas on making a rose garden look at: Garden Design Ideas

Location is Everything

Big or small, the garden needs energy from the sun to produce the beautiful blooms you are dreaming about. At least 6 hours each day!

If your planting zone/area has summers with low light intensity, or many cloudy days, you would choose a site that is completely shade free.

On the other hand, if your planting zone/area with very hot summers and intense heat, you might pick an area that would offer the roses a bit of shade from that scorching midafternoon sun.

Prepare the Planting Bed

Roses need the right soil to grow healthy plants and big flowers. This page Soil for Roses explains how to make your soil perfect for planting roses in. It also explains about the benefits of adding organic compost to your soil, and how to make your own. Soil amendments will enhance the structure of your soil over time. This improves drainage, which is also very important to the rose plants.

Air circulation is very important for your roses, so when planning the bed, be sure to give the roses plenty of room to grow.

More Rose Gardening Made Easy Tips...

Choosing Roses

One of the best ways to ensure success of the rose garden, is to simply choose roses that are hardy to your planting zone Buying healthy plants is also important. Bargain plants are No Bargain if they don't survive!

Many varieties are resistant to disease which will make your gardening experience easier.

Planting your Roses

Before planting your (zone hardy, nice looking healthy rose plants), be sure they are well hydrated. Soak the canes in a pail of water for an hour or two.

If you want the rose gardening made easy tips to work, always: Dig a very Big hole. Position the roots evenly, and be sure to water them in well. See the full instructions for planting roses.

Give Them Plenty to Drink

Rose gardening made easy with tips on watering.

Always water the plants from the bottom (ground) instead of spraying the whole plant. Wetting the leaves could cause mildew and a host of other rose diseases Always water deeply. A sprinkle with the hose every day, does little for the plant! A good deep soaking will encourage the plant to grow! If you can afford it, drip irrigation is the best way to water your rose garden.

Don't forget to add Mulch It not only looks nice, but helps keep the plants moist, and keeps down weeds Read more......... To be the best that they can be, they need fertilizer. I use and recommend only organic fertilizer. I think we've done enough damage to the planet without adding to the problem Go Green

Roses are heavy feeders, and require regular feeding for their ultimate performance.

Keeping Pest and Disease Away

To simplify this I have the Perfect guide for you to follow! See it Here!

Understanding Pruning

You will need to prune dead, damaged or diseased wood. Pruning properly stimulates the plant to produce more flower bearing canes. It also opens the plant up to receive more sun and air circulation. To know how and when to prune read more...... Once the roses are planted and blooming, you will need to do a few simple tasks to keep them at their best:

After the rose blooms, you should remove the spent flower, to encourage the plant to produce more flowers. This is called Deadheading It not only improves flowering, but also keeps the plant looking neat and tidy. Learn the right way to Deadhead your roses for more flowers.
Growing roses with success doesn't have to be that hard. All through this site, you will find tips and tricks to rose gardening made easy, so take a minute, browse the many pages and bookmark this site. Come back often as I am always adding new information... And don't forget to view the creative ways to use those roses! Enjoy....

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