Rose Gardening in Late Fall

What to do in the Garden Before Winter

rose gardening in late fall

Rose gardening in late fall means, preparing the garden for the winter months, and enjoying the last roses of the season.

No mater what region you garden in, there is plenty to do in the fall garden!

Some roses such as the Old Garden roses require no winter protection, but many do require some, if they are to survive. Of course, planting varieties that are hardy to your area will make your job of getting ready for winter much easier!

The tender varieties such as the Hybrid Teas will benefit from some winter protection, and is a must in really cold regions.

Tender roses in the coldest regions of the United States, would benefit from the 'Minnesota Tip'. A method of digging up roots from one side of the bush, and digging a trench on the other side, then after pruning the bush to a more manageable size, 'tipping' the bush into the trench and covering it with soil. Soil, and/or straw is mounded over it until it is uncovered in the spring.

Preparing the Garden for Fall

To prepare your rose bed for winter...

  • Clean up and remove any fallen petals and/or plant material
  • Stop fertilizing
  • Trim back to 4 feet (or tie) any really tall bushes to  keep them from whipping in the wind.
  • Apply winter protection  (such as..)
  1.  Rose cones,
  2.  Mounded soil (from another part of the garden)
  3. Wire cages filled with leaves
  4. Pine bows, compost,etc. (mounded around base of canes)

I recommend that you leave the pruning until spring. Cutting canes encourages growth that you don't want this time of year.

In the spring you can determine the amount of winter kill (if any) you need to prune off the bush.

Tips for Rose Gardening in Late Fall

pink roses in rose garden

~~In early fall your roses are still active and growing, and some even produce the best colors on the rose plants in the cooler temperatures.

~~Don't deadhead the plants, but be sure to keep watering them as needed.

~~Spider Mites and Aphids could still be active, so keep spraying them off.

~~Plants will fare better through the winter months is they go into it well hydrated, so keep watering if it is dry.

~~Don't add mounds of soil or other winter protection until the ground is frozen and the roses are no longer growing.

~~Organic material such as compost, well aged manure, or oak leaves are a good choice because you can simply work them into the soil in the spring, and they will actually benefit the rose bush all year!

my garden wagon

When you live in an area with four seasons, you especially enjoy rose gardening in late fall when Mother nature paints the leaves red and gold!

It is such a pretty time of year!

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