Rose Gardening in Hot Climates

Understand the Needs of Hot Weather Roses

pink rose for hot climates

Rose gardening in hot climates doesn't have to be a challenge, if you understand the needs of hot weather roses, and choose varieties that like the heat and humidity.

You should plan to choose ones that are heat tolerant,and they will grow and perform well even when the temperatures soar.

The heat may decrease their performance during the hottest parts of summer, but the long growing season and mild winters allow you to enjoy growing them for longer times.

The Fall months usually produce some spectacular blooms!

Minimize Stress Caused by Heat

After you've carefully chosen roses that are heat tolerant, follow these tips for better success in growing them.

  • Plant them where they will get light, dappled afternoon shade. The east side of a building will offer protection from the blazing sun.
  • Light colored roses, (white, light pink, pale yellow and oranges)tend to at least (show) less signs of heat stress.
  • Mulch them well! Use at least 3 inches to help cool the soil temperature.
  • Use lots of organic material (compost) in the planting hole as this helps retain moisture.
  • Don't Fertilize as much during the hottest months. Reducing this will reduce both new growth and flowers that add stress to the plant.
  • Water, Water, Water... If you can, install an irrigation system. Heat and Humidity will cause ideal conditions for fungal diseases, so water at ground level.

List of Heat Tolerant Roses

When rose gardening in hot climates, you need to know which roses to choose for your garden. If you are new to the area, take a look around the neighborhood and see what varieties do well there.

Below is a list of roses known to bloom very well even in high temperatures.

Best Roses for Hot Weather


Pink -Shrub rose

bonica rose


Apricot- Hybrid Tea

brandy rose


White- Hybrid Tea

French Lace

Ivory- Floribunda

Harison's Yellow

Yellow-Hybrid Foetida

harisons yellow rose

Honey Perfume




intrigue rose


Available in different colors-Shrub

knockout rose

Lady Banks

Yellow & white varieties-Climber

lady banks rose

Mr. Lincoln

Red- Hybrid Tea

mister lincoln rose


White/Pink-Hybrid Tea


Red- Hybrid Tea

Royal Highness

Pink-Hybrid Tea

Seven Sisters


seven sisters rose


Red- Floribunda

St. Patrick

Yellow-Hybrid Tea



Sunset Celebration

Apricot Blend -Hybrid Tea

Zephrine Drouhine


zephrine droughine rose

If you have a picture of any rose that is missing the picture and/or comment about any of these roses, won't you please share it with us? Share your picture/comment Here.

If you live in a Hot climate, what roses grow best for you?

Soil Needs- What to Do

Loam is the ideal soil for roses, but.... if your soil is;

Sandy Soil~ This type of soil gives really good drainage, and is relatively free of soil-borne diseases.

Sand alone however does not make great soil for roses!

To improve it, you should work in large amounts of compost, and sphagnum moss to retain moisture.

Clay Soil~ This is very sticky when wet, and can be rock hard when dry. Not the best to try and grow roses!

To improve it, work in large amounts of compost, and Sphagnum moss, which is great for improving clay soil.Work in some sharp sand or gravel as well. (Put sand in slowly in monthly intervals, because sand can turn clay soil to cement!

Generally, old garden roses, hybrid teas, china roses, hybrid perpetuals, and shrub roses are the best choice for rose gardening in hot climates.

Some of the best blooms for hot climate roses come in the cooler months of October and November, so to achieve this you should fertilize and prune the bushes at the end of August, early September.

Spider mites can be a problem; Spray with a water wand, making sure to get the undersides of the leaves.

Take extra precautions by working in organic matter, mulching well, and giving the plants shelter from not only the sun but the wind.

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