Rose Gardening Gloves

Gloves for Gardening With Roses

Rose Gardening Gloves are a necessary part of gardening and caring for rose plants. Without them the thorns of the rose plants will tear your hands and arms to shreds!

This page features gloves made especially for gardening with roses. I always find it helpful to read the 'readers comments' from others who have purchased the item already. So if you're in need of some better gloves to wear in your garden, browse around and see what others say!

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Especially when doing the pruning, it is necessary to wear long gloves to protect your hands and forearms.

Get information of Pruning Roses here.

The rose thorns are very unforgiving. Rub your hand or arm against the cane while pruning, tying long canes, and even fertilizing, and the thorns will leave you wishing you hadn't.

Check out the premium gloves that are listed above. I find the price to be very reasonable for such good quality gardening gloves for roses.

When working around the rose canes, you need a thick glove that the thorns can't penetrate. They also have to be durable, long lasting, and breathable so that your hands don't sweat while wearing them. 

The shorter gloves (I call my everyday gardening gloves) are fine for weeding, or working in other parts of your flower garden, (and you need a pair or two of them also,) but when it comes to working around the roses, you need to protect yourself.

Even tying up the climbers calls for using long gloves made specifically for roses!

Learn how to tie up the climbers here.

Quality Rose Gardening Gloves

Such gloves with long arm protection can be used for more than caring for roses, my friend uses hers for clearing an area (to make a new garden), that has poison Ivy growing in it. No worries when your hands and arms are totally protected.

I found the best place to get these gloves for gardening with roses, is to order them on-line. Finding the long ones made for roses in stores can sometimes be difficult.

Order a pair for yourself, or if you have a friend who gardens with roses (or other thorny plants) consider giving a pair as a gift.

Gauntlet Gloves

Purchase Gauntlet Gloves HERE
Gauntlet gloves

These padded, puncture resistant leather gloves have reinforced fingers and wide cuffs to fit over long sleeves.

They were designed for comfort and dexterity. Machine washable, line dry.

Only $35.95

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