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Do you need some rose gardening advice? Are you searching for planning ideas for gardening with roses? Do you want to learn some rose gardening tips to create a beautiful garden with roses?

Keep reading for all the rose gardening advice you will need.

Knowing how to combine roses with shrubs and other flowers is the key to success and a picture perfect garden!

How to Plan Your Garden

Viewing pictures of roses, and other gardens, give you a feel for what you want in your garden. Let me show you how to create a beautiful garden with roses.

There are so... many roses to choose from, it can sometimes become overwhelming, and although your particular planting zone limits what you can plant, there is always suitable replacements that will mimic the ones you like.

My rose gardening tips include combining colors that blend well to give a more pleasing effect.

Start at the Beginning: Designing a Rose Garden

Find your style! You must first decide what kind of garden you want to create that beautiful garden.

Is "Formal" your idea of the perfect garden? Or maybe a 'Cottage Garden' is more your style. How about a 'Themed garden'?

Once you find your style, you can start to plan your garden.

Your style of garden will guide you in choosing

Garden Ornaments. As well as materials for edging and Walkways

garden of roses

My idea of a "Romantic Garden", is a garden with lots of white, and pastel blooms. red and yellow roses are included, but only as specimen plantings.

White is used for filler flowers, such as Babies Breath, and white allyssum for edging. The Pergola is painted white, as is the garden bench.

Beds can be edged with Catmint, which has light airy looking blooms in a light pastel purple color. The plant itself is light green in color.

More Rose Gardening Advice

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When planning a rose garden, it is best to separate the garden into different (rooms) to keep things in scale, and more organized.

Give some thought to what kind of material you want to use for your 'paths' and walking area. As you can see in this photo, I used bluestone which is lovely, and keeps things looking neat. ( I put a layer of heavy plastic under the stone to keep the weeds out)

The grass paths are very pretty, but it's a constant job of mowing! I hope to start changing those grass paths into stone that requires NO maintainance, hopefully this year. My goal is to make my garden more enjoyable and less WORK. That makes for easier rose gardening!

Edging is important also. Stones, boards, or purchased garden edging can all be used. If nothing else, you can simply edge the bed with an edging shovel, but you will have to keep up with it every year, or the grass will start to grow back into the beds.

lovely garden

Take a look at this beautiful garden, and take note of the garden as a whole. See how the greenery (shrubs) ties it all together? Try to imagine this garden without it?

When planning your garden, plan for shrubs and greenery. Think of them as the 'bones' of the garden, then fill in with colorful roses of different heights and sizes, then fill in further with vines, then perennial, and annual flowers.

When planting shrubs, keep in mind their mature size, so they have plenty of room to grow.

garden color

For the right effect, gardening with roses, involves the use of color,and it is very important when designing your garden. If you plan so that colors blend or harmonize well, and also bloom at the same time, you will be much happier with your finished garden. You will always have color in your garden.

Don't be afraid to mix in some of the perennial grasses, either in the border, or in specific spots throughout the rose garden. There are many varieties available, from small clumped ones, to very tall ones. They give the garden an almost Tropical effect,adding a new texture.

Before you start planting: Look at Gardening and Roses for more helpful information, and rose gardening advice.

Once you have your garden planned out, (or at least think you do), changes are to be expected! Browse this site to learn about the different roses available, and find suitable ones to fit your rose gardening needs. Then you can move on to Planting your rose bushes

Be sure to read this page, that explains how to Take care of your roses Don't try to plant the whole garden the first year! Take your time, choose wisely, study the plants, and make necessary changes as your garden progresses, and you'll find gardening with roses as enjoyable as I do!

Most of all......Enjoy your garden!

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