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Want a Rose Garden Design? Don't know where to start? Need some garden design ideas for designing a rose garden?

Start with asking yourself a few questions!

What Size Garden do you Want?

1. How big of a garden do you want?

A few rose bushes? A handful of colorful roses?

An Extensive Formal Garden Design?

Just looking to add a few to your existing perennial bed? Keep in mind that careful planning is key to a great garden design. Also remember that growing roses is NOT as hard as some people will have you believe! There are some Very easy varieties available today that just about anyone can grow!

What Rose Varieties Do you Want?

2. What kind of roses do you want to grow?

Easy Care Hardy Roses?

Fragrant Hybrid Teas?

David Austin English Roses?

Miniature Roses?

A mixture of all kinds of garden rose?

Knowing which rose varieties you want in your rose garden makes planning easier

Theme of your Garden Design

 3. What "Theme" Garden do you Imagine having in your garden of roses?

A Formal Garden?

A Fragrant Garden?

Cottage Garden Design Rustic, informal?

A Cutting Garden? A Fragrant Design? A Night Blooming Garden?

What Colors do you Favor?

4. What "Colors" of Roses do you want to plant?

Bright Colorful (Lots of Reds & Yellows)?

Pastels (Pinks, whites, soft yellows & Mauves)?

A combination of ALL colors?

All One Color?

Here are some different colors of roses to help you decide.

When making your decisions, you have to keep in mind your Planting Zone What varieties, or types of roses you can grow, depend on where you live.

These are the first steps in the planning of a Rose Garden Design.

Browse through this site, and take notes of roses that catch your eye. You may be surprised to find that the ones you keep choosing are Not the ones you thought you wanted! Look at books, and magazines, search for ideas to help you decide what kind of rose garden you want. Get a feel for what you want for your garden of roses.

Where can you buy Rose Plants at a Great Price?

You'll find some beautiful roses to plant in your garden HERE!

More Rose Garden Design ideas

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