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Fertilizing Roses

Roses need rose fertilizer, applied in the right amounts, at the right time, for the rose plants to grow and bloom successfully.

Plants need the nutrients from fertilizer during their most active stages of growth and flowering.

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A fertilizer for roses, labeled "Rose Food" probably has no special ingredient  benefit, other than ones that contain systemic insecticides that kill rose pests. So regular organic garden fertilizer can do the same for your roses.

Do you know the nutritional components of fertilizer? The different types? How and when to apply them?

Fertilizer Basics

Fertilizers (including rose fertilizers)contain;

Nitrogen (N) for foliage development and growth of canes

Potassium (P) for strong roots and flower production

Phosphorus (K) for vigorous growth for increased resistance to disease and cold temperatures

Organic fertilizers are made from things like fish, bone,manure,compost and minerals.They are usually long lasting and give good results if used as directed by the manufacturer.They improve the soil and slowly release nutrients into the soil as they break down.

Seaweed and fish emulsion  are rich in trace elements that are very good.

Dried Banana peels are very high in Potassium- Great for root growth and flower production!

Synthetic Fertilizers Are man-made from Petroleum or its by-products. Give quick results, but are concentrated and if you use to much, you can burn the plants. They must be applied frequently to be effective.

A typical fertilizer such as 5-10-5, stands for 5% Nitrogen, 10%Phosphorus, and 5% Potassium.

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Roses do best when the rose fertilizer has nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in ratios of: 1:2:2, or 2:3:1, or 1;2:2 . The lower portion of nitrogen keeps the plants from producing lots of lush green leaves at the expense of flowers.

The Very Best fertilizer for your roses is Compost! An all natural alternative to chemical fertilizer, it introduces beneficial organisms to the soil. This nutrient rich humus aerates the soil by breaking down organic material for plant use.

This Humus fuels plant growth, and helps ward off plant disease. Start making your own fertilizer now for FREE from waste materials you throw away!!!

Click to learn How to Make your own Organic Compost

When do you use Rose Fertilizer ?

Roses are heavy feeders.

The first feeding of the year is in early Spring. (When the Forsythia's bloom in my zone 5 garden)

Shrub roses will bloom well, with or without fertilizer, but fertilize them regularly, and experience MORE blooms with LARGER flowers!

You could fertilize your roses as often as every two weeks, depending on MANY things! How much RAIN have you gotten?

Lots of rain leaches fertilizer from the soil, making it necessary to add more.

What kind of CLIMATE do you live in?

You must stop fertilizing in late summer if you are in a cold region where the ground will freeze solid, in order to let the plant go dormant.

What kind of FERTILIZER are you using?

You need to abide by the recommendations on the label of the product you are using, for best results.

What is the general CONDITION of your rose bush?

Sick or struggling bushes do NOT need fertilizing! They need lots of water, and maybe some amending of the soil. One of the best Organic Fertilizers on the market is called "Roses Alive". It's an all natural organic product, that really does what it says!! They also have a product called 'Flowers Alive', that is also wonderful! You will not believe the flowers you will get with these products

How to Apply Rose Fertilizer

Dry (organic Fertilizer)

Step One

fertilizijng roses step oneCarefully Pull Back Mulch

The very first thing you should do is to make sure the plant has been recently watered (rain or you). If not, water the ground around the bush. Then...

With your garden tool, carefully pull away the top most layer of mulch from around the plants. (Always water your plants well before applying fertilizer)

Step Two

fertilizing roses step twoApply Fertilizer around Base of Bush

Using the amount recommended on the package, sprinkle it in a ring around the base of the bush, a few inches out, spreading it in a complete circle.

Step Three

fertilizing roses step threeScratch it in a Bit

Scratch it in to the soil using your small hand rake. (Don't scratch down to deeply, you don't want to disturb the feeder roots)

Reapply the mulch.

Step Four

fertilizing roses step fourWater it in Well!

Water the bush thoroughly! If you don't water it in, it can't help the plant....It could even do harm to it, by burning the roots! Always water after fertilizing!

How to apply Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer is mixed with water according to the package directions.

Pour the mix on the ground above the root area, with your watering can or sprayer. Or you can spray directly on the foliage. Leaves will absorb the nutrients actually quicker than a dry form. But Do Not apply any liquid fertilizers to the foliage if the air temperature is higher than 90 degrees. It will burn the plants!!

Liquid fertilizer is very good for fertilizing roses grown in containers, but not really suitable for those planted in the ground.

When applying your rose fertilizer, always follow the directions from the manufacturer! They vary with each formula.

More is NOT better!! Over fertilizing roses does more harm than good. Newly planted rose bushes require no additional fertilizer, until after the first cycle of bloom.

Climbers, Old garden roses and large shrub roses, require more fertilizer than hybrid teas.

Minatures require about half as much as any other rose, If you have sandy soil, you may need to apply the rose fertilizer a bit more frequent. The fertilizer leaches more rapidly from sandy soil.

When you see signs of reduced growth,you need to add fertilizer.

Always apply fertilizer to moist soil, to avoid

Fertilizer Burn If the foliage turns crisp and brown, it could be a sign of overfertilizing. If this happens, water the plants heavy to help leach the excess rose fertilizer from the ground.

A very good Fertilizer!

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David Austin Rose FoodDavid Austin Rose Fertilizer

The Best Organic Fertilizer

Garden Mulch

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