Rose Care Calendar for the Southeast

Monthly Guide for Caring for Roses in This Region

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This rose care calendar for the Southeast will guide you month by month in caring for your roses.

When it comes to growing roses, not all the same rules apply to everyone. It all depends on the climate zone that you live in.

This region, (Southeast) is typically warm and humid, allowing the roses to bloom most of the year, although mountain regions will have a shorter growing season.

Because conditions are hot and humid, the roses are susceptible to mildew and other rose diseases.

To help avoid this as much as possible:

  • Always provide good air circulation by not crowding the plants
  • Avoid overhead watering the wets the entire plant
  • Use a fungicidal spray program regularly

Rose Care Calendar for the Southeast


~ Test soil, make any needed adjustments

~Prune roses in warmer areas

~Spray pruned roses with a fungicide

~Transplant any roses that need it


~Prune roses, and spray with fungicide in cooler areas

~Purchase roses


~Prune, spray and transplant in coldest areas

~Mulch bushes

~Apply organic fertilizer

~Water as needed


~As soon as first leaves appear, begin fungicidal spraying

~Spray for insects as needed

~Prune (improving on initial prune)


~Deadhead spent flowers

~ Weed as needed

~ Prune out suckers and stems with no flowers

~Keep an eye out for Rose pests and disease!


~Water as needed

~Apply fertilizer

~Continue with spray program


~Deadhead spent flowers

~Pick and enjoy some blooms for the vase!

~Apply fish emulsion or alfalfa tea for an added boost!

Here's the recipe for Alfalfa tea..


~Water as needed

~ Continue the spray program

~ Fertilize with organic fertilizer


~Continue Spray program


~Water as needed

~Make plans for any new roses


~In colder areas; Stop fertilizing, and prepare for winter protection

~In warmer areas; Maintain  spraying

~Cut roses on shorter stems, and do not deadhead so much


~Prune taller plants to a shorter height

~ Spray roses with dormant oil

~ In colder areas; Apply winter protection


~Sharpen pruners and gardening tools

~Read books on roses, order new roses

~Enjoy this site, to learn more about growing roses!

Along with this rose care calendar for the Southeast:

Before buying your roses, be sure to read this helpful page:

Plant Guide for Roses in the Southeast

I welcome your thoughts and gardening experiences in growing roses in your area, so if you would, please take a moment to share your roses and trial and errors with us!

Please use the contact me form.


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