Rose Care Calendar for the Northeast

Month by Month Guide to Caring for Roses

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The rose care calendar for the Northeast gives you a step by step month by month guide to caring for roses and growing them in this specific region.

Here in the Northeast, the peak rose bloom is in June, with more roses to follow as the weather cools.

Winters can be brutal in this area (strong, drying winds, and severe cold temperatures) can be a challenge for gardeners here.

Giving winter protection can be very important, as well as choosing roses that are winter hardy.

Rose Care Calendar for the Northeast


~Read Rose Gardening Books and Plan your garden for next year

~ Sharpen pruners and rose tools

~Study this site to learn all you can!


~Check winter protection

~Plan orders for new roses

~Warmer areas will begin watering if there has been no snow cover


~Purchase potted and/or garden roses where available

~Warmer areas will remove winter protection

~Prune roses, spray with fungicide

~Transplant roses that need it

~If no snow cover- Water roses


~Test soil ph and adjust if needed

~As soon as leaves appear, begin using fungicide and spray for insects if needed

~Fertilize with organic fertilizer

~Apply compost, and mulch


~Improve on the initial pruning

~ Water as needed

~Apply summer mulch

~Weed beds if needed


~Continue your spray program

~Inspect plants for possible disease and/or pests

~Prune off suckers and twiggy canes

~Continue watering when needed


~Deadhead spent blooms

~Water as needed

~Fertilize for an additional boost with fish emulsion or Alfalfa tea

~Photograph your roses and garden! Share pictures with us!

~Cut roses for the vase

~Save some rose petals for crafts and recipes


~Continue Deadheading

~Continue watering

~Inspect plants for possible problems


~Fertilize with organic fertilizer

~Deadhead less (allow some roses to set hips) for making Rose Hip Tea

~Cut roses on shorter stems

~Continue watering as needed


~Stop deadheading spent blooms

~Prune only to shorten taller bushes

~Clean up beds

~Gather winter protection materials


~Apply winter protection

~Spray with dormant oil


~Enjoy the pictures of your roses and gardens!

~Plan any changes or new roses for next year!

The Northeast region covers states in different zones, so use your best judgement in following the guide. If your area is still frozen in one month, then you would have to wait until it thaws to begin readying the roses for Spring.

Tip:  In (my) area zone 5, I prune the roses when the Forsythia bushes bloom.

I hope this rose care Calendar for the Northeast is helpful for you!

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