Rose Care Calendar for the Midwest

Caring for Roses Month by Month in the Midwest and Plains Region

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This rose care calendar for the Midwest, covers a region that gets the extremes of both very hot humid summers, and very cold, windy winters. It has a basically short growing season, so it is best to grow roses that are considered hardy for this reason.

Below is a month by month guide to caring for roses in this region;

Rose Care Calendar for the Midwest


~Check the rose plants, to make sure they are still winter protected.

~ Browse catalogs and decide on new roses for the following year.

~Plan any changes to the rose garden

~ Mail order rose plants

~Sharpen up the pruners and tools for the garden


~Check on the winter protection

~ Purchase Fertilizers


~When the ground thaws, if there has not been much snow cover....Water the rose plants


~Slowly remove any winter protection as the threat of a killing frost is over.

~ Do initial pruning

~ Plant bare-root, and/or potted roses

~Do any transplanting of roses that is necessary


~Fertilize with organic fertilizer

~Add a top layer of compost

~Check the PH of your soil, and make amendments as needed

Lime is often needed to raise the PH

~Apply mulch

~Do more pruning to remove any winter kill left on the canes

~Spray as needed for insect problems


~Water the rose plants as needed (From above only!)

~ Pull weeds as needed

~ Remove any suckers or thin canes

~Inspect rose plants and flowers for pests or diseases

(Continue to inspect the plants as often as you can through the season)- Prevention is the best cure!

Be sure to learn the Good Garden Bugs!


~Water the plants as needed

~Cut roses for the vase (Enjoy the flowers)

~Deadhead spent flowers

~Don't forget to take some pictures!

~ Apply the second fertilizer for the season (Organic)

~ Apply fish emulsion or Alfalfa tea for an additional boost

Here's the Alfalfa Tea Recipe!

~Be on the lookout for some Common rose diseases


~Continue to water as needed

~ Cut roses

~Deadhead spent blooms

~Save some blooms for your Rose Recipes!

How to make Rose Water

Homemade Cosmetics using Rose Petals


~Stop all Fertilizers

~ Don't deadhead as often- let some roses set hips for your Rose Hip Recipes!

~Continue to water the rose plants


~Stop any spraying

~Stop deadheading and/or pruning

~Gather materials for winter protection

~ Tidy up the beds, remove any diseased leaves or stems


~Cut back any roses that are too tall for the winter protection method that you have chosen

~Spray plants with  dormant oil spray

~ Apply winter protection (The Minnesota tip method is very common here)


~Purchase helpful books about roses

~ Read up on rose gardening

~Enjoy the many pages of this site!

I hope this rose care calendar for the Midwest region has helped you in your gardening!

Please feel free to add comments through my contact form. I'd love to hear of YOUR experiences in gardening with roses in this region!

My choices of the Best Roses to Grow in this Region..

Caring for Roses


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