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rose bridal bouquetRose Bridal Bouquet

The rose bridal bouquet is the traditional brides bouquet. The flowers you choose for your wedding will make the day even more special, if you choose flowers with special meaning

Some of the most beautiful wedding bouquets I've ever seen, were made with roses and dried herbs.

white rose bridal bouquet

Even if you want a traditional bouquet of white only flowers, you can still add some other greenery that will add their own special meaning.

  • White roses stand for Purity.
  •  Adding Laurel, is reputed to bring good fortune. ( making for a long and happy marriage)
  • Consider adding some Marjoram ( for serenity, joy and happiness).

A rose bridal bouquet with all white roses and flowers, can be very beautiful indeed!

Especially if the bouquet is graced with some lively white streamers with a couple of 'love knots' ( So the love doesn't run out)

red rose bridal bouquet

A red rose wedding bouquet is a popular brides bouquet.

Not only are red roses very beautiful, and stunning against the traditional white wedding gown, but Red Roses symbolize love and passion.

Using this color can be very elegant! Imagine the tables at the reception (white table cloths, beautiful red rose centerpieces, maybe with a lighted candle glowing in the center, red napkins)...sounds lovely to me! Even the towering cake, with red roses, that make it almost 'to pretty to eat'!

Start a Tradition with your Rose Bridal Bouquet

new tradition bridal bouquet

Why not start a tradition that can be passed down through the generations?

Dry the flowers from your wedding bouquet, and turn them into Potpourri This potpourri gets passed down the generations, with each one adding her own wedding flowers to the mix. Through the years, additional "special" flowers can be added to the mix, and divided up, among siblings, so each child would have some of the original mix from the mothers...grandmothers..great grandmothers..(wedding flowers).

After a few generations, you could make a garter belt sachet from the heirloom potpourri. The bride would wear it on her wedding day for 'something old' The Sachet garter belt itself could turn into a family heirloom to get passed down through the generations!

It might even be made from a piece of heirloom lace (maybe from the veil or dress of another family member) ah.. the possibilities!

pink rose bouquet

Pink roses are very special for a bridal bouquet of roses. They seem very soft, and romantic.. I can imagine the bridesmaids wearing beautiful soft pink gowns, and the maid of honor with a darker shade.

Can't you see the little flower girl, dropping pink rose petals as she makes her way down the isle?

Another color that makes a nice rose bridal bouquet, is peach (or) coral colored roses. They too, seem very soft, and romantic to me.

Soft, pastel colored roses are perfect for Spring or Summer

peach rose bouquet

Your rose bridal bouquet doesn't have to be a big massive bunch of flowers, it can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be. Sometimes less is better! Especially if you are a small petite bride, you don't want a massive bouquet to steal the show, and detract from your lovely face! Notice the elegant peach bouquet in the photo. Sometimes Bridesmaids will carry a single rose, wrapped in a long trailing bow. (this can look very elegant) It's also very inexpensive !

fall wedding bouquet

The Brides Bouquet for a fall wedding, would be nice if you chose fall colors, and added some berries, and Artemisia.

There are lots of possibilities here! For table centerpieces, you could take small pumpkins, spray paint them an orange/gold color, place them on a pretty colored doily, with a wreath of peach colored roses,(use different shades) and other fall flowers, surrounding the pumpkin.

pretty blue bouquet

If Blue is your color, How pretty is this?

Your florist will supply these 'blue' roses (actually they dye white ones to get this fantastic color)

Simply Stunning! Check back as I add more wedding bouquet pictures, and give you some more ideas for Your special day, when you carry your own rose bridal bouquet!

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