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rose bordersRose Borders

It's hard to beat the sheer exuberant beauty of lovely rose borders. The fragrance and continual flowering, is no match for perennial flowers that come and go in season.

Your 'Border of Roses', can consist of roses only, like the picture above of pink and red shades of rose flowers, or....

Combine your favorite plants and shrubs with the roses, to create a great contrast of color, texture, and scent in your rose borders. Be sure to choose plants that will compliment the roses, and add harmonizing colors.

Best Border Roses

The English roses are some of the best roses to grow in an all roses border. These shrub roses have a natural, shrubby growth, and ability to repeat quickly in flushes of flowers. Blooms vary from dainty single flowers, to magnificent, many petaled cups or rosettes. They combine well with a wide range of perennial, and annual plants.

The Miniature roses are rounded and dense with flowers, making them perfect roses to plant in the front of taller roses or flowers in the border. They can edge the border with a contrasting color, or a color that blends nicely and ties the bed together.

The Floribunda roses such as Showbiz, are healthy, floriferous roses with a shocking red color that mixes well with intense orange and yellow flowers. You can soften their effect, by planting some blue flowers such as Iris, or purple cone flower near by.

Roses planted in a border, will supply you with plenty of cut flowers for the vase. Learn some tips on how to make those cut flowers last longer.

Flower Bed Ideas

When making rose borders,avoid using invasive perennials that will over power the roses.

You will get a much more pleasing effect if you plant the roses in compact groups of at least three. (if you have the space)

For a really Grand statement, fill the entire bed of one rose variety. The visual impact will be tremendous when seen from above or from a distance.

Rose borders will be most effective, when you plant shorter, companion plants around or in front of them. Many beneficial insects are attracted to certain annual and perennial plants, that will help to keep your roses healthy naturally. If you have an island bed, the taller roses should be in the middle, because you will be viewing the bed from all sides.

If your rose border is against a wall, or row of hedges, place the taller roses in the back, they could then be surrounded by shorter floribundas or mini roses.

artemesia and red roses

Silver colored plants, look very lovely against the deep red blooms of the roses. Notice how it sets the stage for a vibrant show?

The roses really stand out when paired with this perennial. Pink, yellow, purple, or any color roses would look equally as good.

annual flowers

Mixing a variety of colors into your border, will give it the Cottage garden look. This can be a very pretty garden, and allows you to choose a wider variety of flowers, in both Annuals and Perennials.

Be sure to keep the flowers deadheaded, to keep them looking neat and tidy, and avoid reseeding.

Note: I caution against planting perennials that have roots that send out runners (Example: any of the Loosestrife varieties) As pretty as they are, they soon consume the entire garden, making it yours life work to eradicate them!

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