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The rose beetle, as all gardening pests, can be real trouble in your garden.

There are several types of beetles that can infest your rose bushes. One common one is the Fuller rose beetle, another the Japanese beetle, and lets not forget rose chafers and the cucumber beetle...

These rose pests can be red, brownish, green spotted, or metallic green in color. Sizes vary, depending on the type, but they can be up to 1/2 inches in length.

You will sometimes notice them on the flowers and sometimes on the foliage. Usually you will first notice the damage they have done.

Careful inspection of the flowers and plants will help to remedy the problem before it gets out of control. Your beautiful rose plants can be destroyed by the bugs on roses, as they seriously damage the flowers and foliage.

You will notice punctured flower buds that fail to open, and open flowers that are devoured. The flower buds may open, but they will be deformed. The leaves will be notched, or they will be full of holes, and you will see stem tips that are chewed.

These Beetles will lay their eggs in the flowers, or in the soil, in late summer or fall. The emerging larvae fall to the ground and spend the winter in the soil, or they mature and go through winter as adults.

One of the most nasty Beetle is the Japanese Beetle They can destroy your beautiful garden quickly.


You can reduce the numbers of all these beetles by hand picking them off your plants. Wander through the garden in early morning, and tap them into a bucket of soapy water.

Milky spore (Bacillus popilliae) disease is very effective for Japanese Beetles if you live in an area that has a serious problem with them.

I don't personally like the Japanese Beetle traps, so I won't recommend them... I feel that they attract more beetles to the area, so they are not worth the effort.

No matter how much you detest those beetles, you probably can't destroy the lot of them existing in your garden... And if you managed to...... you would upset the natural balance of it. Adult beetles are good bird food, and the grubs are food for other native predators.

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