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Make Jewelry from Rose Petal Beads

rose bead jewelry

You can turn your Rose Beads into beautiful jewelry!

This is a sample of some of the beautiful jewelry I've made from my own Rose Petal beads.

I use the rose petals from my own garden for most of my projects when making bead jewelry, but you can use roses from any memorable occasion.

The flowers from a wedding bouquet, gift bouquet for a new Mom, flowers from the funeral of someone very special.....The list goes on and on...

The above jewelry and trinkets were all made from the roses that attended the ceremony of the final goodbye of a very special lady.

I made the roses into beads, then fashioned them into different forms of jewelry using other attractive beads and trinkets, including religious crosses and symbols on some of them.

Begin by Making your own Rose Beads

To make your own Rose Beads; You'll find my step by step instructions (including pictures).

Once you have finished your beads, come on back to this page for some ideas on what to make with them.

book marker from rose petal beads

I only needed a few beads to fashion this bead jewelry into a lovely Book Marker.

I used a piece of pretty purple ribbon to match the color of the beads. The roses used for this jewelry were a deep red color, but after they were made into beads they dried and turned this lovely shade of purple!

I'm sure the recipient (who loves to read) will cherish it.

car mirror dangler rose bead jewelry

These rose petal beads were turned into car mirror danglers. The choice of additional beads, ribbon and other objects to use is endless.

These days we tend to spend a lot of time in the car running here and there, so what better place to be able to enjoy such beaded jewelry? Most of us like hanging a little something on our car mirror, and religious objects are probably the most popular.

bracelets from beads of roses

These bracelets were strung on that stretchy cord (available at craft stores or even Walmart) so it could be worn on wrists of different sizes. If desired you could fasten each bead together and then use a clasp ....these were made for young girls.

A remembrance of a Cherished Grandmother....

Don't be afraid to experiment when designing your jewelry! I find that sticking to a pattern (like one rose petal bead, one clear bead, one small metal ring, one pearl bead, repeat....etc.etc...) makes a nice looking piece.

I hope you find these ideas helpful in making your own jewelry from the petals of flowers. And don't forget you can use other flower petals besides roses.


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