Rosa Mundi

Gallica Roses are Striped Pink and White

Rosa Mundi, is a pink and white striped rose, that are uniquely beautiful Gallica roses.

It is a sport of the Apothecary"s rose, and the oldest known striped rose.

Species (Rosa Gallica Versicolor)

The flowers are unique in that no two flowers are alike. The semi-double blooms are usually 4" wide,and have 18-24 petals with red and pink stripes on a background of white. Golden yellow stamens accent the flowers.

It is dense, and low growing. It has only One glorious flush of blooms per season.

Has a moderate Citrus fragrance.

If you are a serious old-garden rose lover- Rosa Mundi is a must have.

This striped rose dates back to the 16th century.

In late Summer the plants develop bright red hips.

Type Old Garden Rose

Hybridizer unknown prior to 1581

Blooms Crimson background, with splashes of white and pink stripes.Bright golden stamens. 12-18 petals

Growth Habits Vigorous, compact, spreading 3 1/2-4'.

Foliage small, medium green, matte

Fragrance moderate

Hardy Zone 4-9

These "show stopping" Gallica Roses, sometimes called 'Rosamund's Rose', grow 3-4 feet tall, with a spreading habit. They make a nice hedge or border plant.

The foliage is small, medium green, matte, and disease resistant.

This plant may need support, because branches tend to droop from the weight of the flowers.

Blooms literally cover the compact, spreading well foilaged bush.

This lovely rose is very winter hardy.

If you grow this rose, you might have a hard time staying in the house when it is in bloom! If you do grow this unique rose take some pictures!! Turn your digital images into Prints, and then Share them with us! Share your favorite rose photo and story with us!

More about Rosa Mundi..

The name can mean either 'rose of the world' or 'Rosamund's).

Rosamund's is referring to a women that is said to have been a mistress of Henry II.

Because of all the heavy flowers, the branches tend to flop over , needing support. To help prevent this, you can prune the bush a bit in early spring making it smaller.

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