Rosa Multiflora

White Rambling Rose

rosa multifloraRosa Multiflora

This white climbing rose, is believed to be Rosa Multiflora. It seems to be about 20 feet high and 30 feet wide. It has single white flowers with yellow centers. The flowers bloom once a year in pyramidal clusters.

Pictures shared by a reader;

(White Rock BC Canada)          

More about the Rosa Multiflora rose...

Type Rambler

  • Hybridizer Prior to 1810

  • Growth habits Very Vigorous, growing 10x20' Arching Bush with prickly canes. Stem tips that reach the ground will root and form a new plant. Very dense, hedgelike.

  • Foliage 7-9 small 1/2-1" oval leaflets with toothed margins.

    Canes are reddish or green with stout prickles that curve downward.

  • Blooms 3/4" single white flowers (can be slightly pink) appear in large showy clusters at the ends of the branches. Produces reddish/purple hips

  • Hardy Zone zones 5-9
  • Native to Asia, this rose came to the U.S. in the 1800's to be used as rootstock for grafted roses.

    The U.S. Dep. of Agriculture promoted it as the "living fence". They distruibuted them to farmers to control livestock. It was also planted along highways to control snow barriers.
    It quickly became established, and wore out it's welcome just as quickly. It is now classified as a noxious weed, and can not be sold or propogated. It is outlawed due to the fact of it's rampant growth.
    It is still widley found in old pastures, fields, along roadsides, and forests.

    It is not one I would want in my rose garden, but like any of the wild flowers, I do find them to be quite beautiful, especially when you see many bushes of them together. (Like the picture above). The effect of the massive clumps of white flowers is stunning.

    The bees certainly love these roses! My mother-in-law had a clump of these many years ago by her front door, and I remember it being covered in buzzing bees!


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