Rio Samba Rose

Color Changing Hybrid Tea Roses

The Rio Samba rose bears color changing Hybrid tea roses of red and yellow.

The bush is a riot of color that begins with long pointed golden yellow buds that most often have red edges. As the Rio Samba flower opens, it becomes more of a red color, that spreads downward into the center of the flower, and often displays hues of deep pink and orange.

Rio Samba Rose

A blooming bush in the garden will attract lots of attention as the colors change daily and the blooms are in different stages of opening.

The roses on 'Rio Samba' are fully double, classic Hybrid Tea roses with 25 petals.

This rose blooms in flushes throughout the season, with the blooms coming mostly in small clusters but also singly on the bush. Each cluster can make a unique bouquet, because you will get different colors on each rose.

It was named for the Samba dancers from a Rio carnival.

Learn more about the Rio Samba Rose...

Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer William A. Warriner 1991 (United States)

Blooms  Yellow Blend with yellow and red, along with hues of orange and even pink. Blooms are 5" across with 25 petals

Foliage Medium size, matte, dark green foliage

Growth Habits  Grows 5-6' tall by 3-4' wide. Tall, well branched

Fragrance Mild to medium fragrance

Hardy Zones  Zones 7-10

Awards  All American Rose Selection 1993

This long stemmed Hybrid Tea rose is said to be a prolific bloomer, with as much flower power as that as a shrub rose.

The beautiful flowers are exhibition quality, and make good flowers for cutting.

It was bred by William Warriner in 1991 for the Jackson & Perkins company.

'Rio Samba' is a vigorous growing rose that can get 5-6' tall by 3-4' wide, with good dependability. It is however susceptible to Mildew.

Comments from Readers:

Samatha writes; I love this bush! The flowers change colors almost before your eyes! Hardy bush.


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