Repeat Blooming Roses

Repeat Blooming Roses, are those that repeat their cycle of bloom and keep producing flowers all season.

This includes those such as Tea Roses, Floribunda Roses, Hybrid Perpetual Roses and many Shrub Roses keep producing blooms all season. Most of the modern roses fall into this category of repeat blooming roses.

Most of the older varieties, or 'Old Garden Roses' as they are called, are renown for their incredible fragrance,sometimes huge blossoms, or huge plants, but most tend to bloom only once per season. Look below for the list of roses that repeat all season.

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Some Popular Repeat Bloomers

Bourbon Rose

Lovely repeat bloomers grow 2-15ft. tall. Hardy through zone 6

Tea Roses

repeat blooming tea roses

(pictured Elina Tea Rose) Tea Roses are repeat blooming roses that produce beautiful long-stem roses for the entire growing season.

These are the long-stemmed beauties available from the florist for rose bouquets.

Hybrid Perpetual Roses

These beautiful repeat bloomers grow quite large (up to 6 ft. tall) They are most always fragrant roses. Their hardiness depends on the particular rose.

Moss Roses

Named for the moss-like growth on penduncle and sepals. Their height ranges between 3 and 6 ft., with fragrant flowers. Some are repeat-blooming, while others are not.

Shrub Roses

Shrub Roses These roses can be sold under many different names such as landscape rose, pavement rose, or shrub rose. They are very hardy, consistent bloomers all season long.

Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses range in height from 2-6 ft. depending on the variety. They are spreading/mounding rose plants. They bloom in clusters with many flowers.

Polyantha Roses

Polyantha Roses  Similar to Floribunda roses. The flowers are usually smaller,and borne in large tight clusters. They are usually short plants that are spreading or mounding. They come in a variety of colors. To keep them re-blooming, you must diligently be deadheading roses or they will go to seed and stop blooming.

Grandiflora Roses

repeat blooming grandiflora roses

The Grandiflora Roses are a classification of a rose that is generally used to describe varieties with long stems with clusters of flowers at the end.

These are the perfect cutting roses. (Lots of beautiful flowers~ with long stems to cut for the vase.

They are usually much hardier than the Hybrid tea roses, and continue to bloom all season.

The rose pictured is the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Rose-

Miniature Roses

Miniature Roses have smaller flowers and sometimes plant size, but lots of repeat blooming roses!

Climbing Roses

Many of the climbing roses are repeat flowering, but some are not. Some of the older varieties bloom only once.

Roses that bloom repeatedly are great, constant color and constant flowers are the name of the game in gardening, but don't overlook a variety just because it is a "once bloomer". Some of those old varieties that only bloom once, are certainly worth the effort to grow them. That one great Show could be spectacular!!

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