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red roses

Red roses are the most favored of all the roses!

Here you will find lots of pictures, and rose images of red ones. I hope you will find the information about the roses helpful, in choosing ones for your garden. If you would like to purchase some roses, be sure to check out the link at the bottom of this page,for some really good buys on them! 

Grown in gardens, and given in bouquets, when you even hear the word Roses your mind automatically pictures red ones! Valentines Day bouquets are most often made of a dozen red roses, as well as anniversaries, and birthdays.

Red rose bushes are among the most popular color planted in gardens. They are very vibrant and attention getting. When planted along side yellow or white flowers they become even more stunning in the garden.

A legend about the red rose

In ancient Greece and Rome, it was believed that all roses were white....until Venus (the goddess of love) pricked her foot on a rose thorn as she hurried to save her imperiled lover. Her sacred blood dripped on the petals of the rose, and dyed it forever red.

If you know the meaning of rose colors, you know that sending roses that are red to someone, symbolizes 'I love you'. Valentines Day, Birthdays, Anniversary, or any special occasion, calls for a bouquet of a dozen of them! More often than not, if someone gives only one rose, it will be a single red one.

Learn what the other colors of roses mean

Climbing Roses

Climbing Blaze

Rose, Climbing Blaze

This old-fashioned climber is hardy and vigorous! It bears scarlet colored blooms off and on all season, starting in June. Click on the picture to purchase this rose for a great price!

Don Juan

don juan rose

Don Juan is the only fragrant red climber in the world! Its velvety crimson blooms have an intoxicating scent, that will surely keep you out in the garden! Dramatic, crimson flowers with velvety, ruffled petals and an intoxicating damask scent are a standout in the garden, like a flamenco dancer on stage. The blossoms are set on long stems, just perfect for cutting! Warm night temperatures produce the best color.

Foliage is glossy dark green. Canes can grow as much as 12-14 ft. long.

Fast repeat cycle. Plants can suffer frost damage during cold winters but recover fast.

Hardy zones 5-10

Stairway to Heaven

stairway to heaven

Very vigorous climber grows rapidly. Ideal for growing on a fence. The blooms stand out especially nice on a white fence.

It is one of the first climbers to bloom in late spring. The lovely blooming continues all summer.

It is however prone to mildew. Canes grow 10-12 ft. One of the most prolific climbers, ever, and among the first to bloom. When it starts, it doesn't stop, with large, ruffled flowers that last for weeks.

Flowers have a light sweet fragrance.

Red Eden

red eden rose

photo courtsey: Antonio Motta

View more red rose pictures from his garden at

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This lovely dark red (Romantica) climber blooms continuously throughout the season.

Its hardiness zone is 6a-9b

It grows 12-15 ft.

It has a mild-strong fragrance. (Beautiful rose)

Hybrid Tea Red Roses

Black Magic

black magic red rose

This long stemmed rose is the worlds darkest rose! It was originally bred for florists.

It grows 5-6ft.tall. It is indeed bewitching in the landscape, or in the vase! The deep black buds slowly unfold to spellbinding, dark garnet flowers with an even darker picotee edging.

The blooms of these red rose flowers are carried on long strong stems with lush glossy foliage, the extremely long-lasting blossoms are especially dramatic in fresh bouquets.

Grow this rose, and cut plenty for the vase!


botero rose

photo courtsey; Antonio Motta

This large flowered long stemmed rose, blooms in flushes throughout the season.

It has a wonderfully strong, old rose fragrance, that will have you wanting to bring some in the house.

This rose bush grows to 2 ft.

It is a great cut flower

It is hardy in zones 6b-9b


hacienda rose

roses photo: Antonio Motta

You can see by the picture of this rose, that it is a large flowered, dark red, with lighter reverse colored rose.

It bears a strong, fruity, musk, old rose fragrance

The tall, upright bush grows 5-6 feet.

It is very disease resistant

This rose was named for the firefighters who lost their lives on Sept 11,2001.

"Remember Me" rose gardens, will be building 3 rose gardens near where the planes crashed that day. Each garden will have a rose bush for each of the victims of that day... nearly 3,000 roses in each garden.

Mr. Lincoln

mr. lincoln rose

Velvety red,long-stemmed blooms are great for cutting!

This is the landmark in red roses. This vigorous grower, grows tall and upright, reaching heights of 5-7 feet.

Blooms tend to develop a blue tinge as they age. Flowers have a very powerful, damask fragrance, that is reminiscent of old garden roses.

This stunning bush, works well in the back of the border. Grows 5-6 feet tall.

It is hardy in zones 5-10

Ronald Reagan

ronald reagan rose

This rose honors the President who declared the rose the national floral emblem of the United states!It was introduced in 2004 by Jackson & Perkins.

Beautiful blooms are a brilliant red with a silver reverse. Fast repeat blooms, makes this bush perpetually loaded with flowers all season. Lovely cut flowers.

The plant grows to 6 ft. It has a light sweet fragrance.

Terra Cotta

terra cotta rose

picture of rose: Antonio Motta

This lovely, large flowered rose, is a Florists rose for sure!

It blooms in flushes throughout the season

It has a strong fragrance

It grows 3-3 1/2 ft.

It is hardy zones 7b and warmer

Veteran's Honor

vetrans honor rose

One of the most magnificent red flowered roses ever is a fitting tribute to the men and women who've served our country.

Plump buds unfurl into huge, high-centered blossoms in a bright, true red. As the raspberry-scented flowers mature, their bright color is softened by overtones of pastel pink. The fragrant flowers last up to two weeks in the vase!

Upright, spreading bush grows 5-6 feet tall, with medium,dark green semi-glossy foliage.

10% of the net sales of this rose, gets donated to Veterans health care!

Opening Night

The sumptuous deep red, velvety blooms of this 1998 AARS winner have a glowing brightness and finish a deep pink.

They're borne on long cutting stems and are gorgeous in the garden and in the vase.

You'll adore their refreshingly mild fruity fragrance. This is a very lovely rose.

Dark Green foliage. The blooms have a light,fruity fragrance

Height: 4 ft

Ingrid Bergman

One of the most popular of the color roses that are red, of all time in Europe, with deep, intensely red petals held in perfect sculpted form on long, straight stems.

The quintessential cut-flower, it is also a vigorous garden presence, flowering despite heat and chilly autumn winds. Height: 3 ft - 4 ft

Sweet fragrance

Ingrid Bergman should be grown in every rose garden.

Floribunda Red Roses

Lilli Marlene

lili marlene

photo couretsey: Antonio Motta

This beautiful red Floribunda rose, blooms in flushes throughout the season.

It grows 20-30"

It can be susceptible to Black-spot and Mildew

It is hardy zones 5 and warmer

Black Cherry

black cherry rose

Beginning with their stunning, almost-black buds, these exquisitely formed flowers are the most alluring of red roses.

The bush is a very disease-resistant plant, that re-blooms frequently. The striking  red flowers provide some constant red garden color.

They are hardy in Zones 5-9

This rose plant grows 3 ft - 4 ft

The beautiful blooms have a wonderful light, damask fragrance

Frankley Scarlet

This wonderful red Floribunda rose, was bred for rapid re-flowering. It is a leading lady in the garden, and gives you a constant display of fiery bloom clusters that hold their satiny color.

Her compact form is ideal for containers, too.

It has lovely dark green foliage

Sweet, Spicy fragrance

It grows to a Height of 3 ft - Find more quality rose plants at great prices Here (Treasure Red, Crimson Gem Tree rose, and more!

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