Rambler Roses

Hybrid Wichuriana Roses

American Pillar Rambler RoseAmerican Pillar

Rambler roses are long canned roses with small flowers and pliable canes. They form clusters of small flowers, and mostly bloom only once a year.

They are very useful in certain situations, such as growing on arbors, pergolas, fences, buildings, and even walls.

If not tied on to something, the long canes would grow along the ground and "ramble", thus rooting to the ground to form a ground cover of beautiful roses!

They are no longer called "Rambler Roses" because in 1999 the American Rose Society replaced the name with a more appropriate name "Hybrid Wichuriana".

Below you will find my list of Rambling Roses/Hybrid Wichuriana...

List of Rambler Roses

Adelaide d'Orléans  Small, semi-double flowers fade from creamy pink to creamy white. Flowers are in small, delicate hanging sprays. They have a light, primrose scent. These Rambler roses are good for arches and pergolas. Grows to 15'

zones 5-11

Aglaia   Apricot yellow, fading to cream semi-double very strong fragrance  Grows to 12' Very dependable

zones 5-10

Albéric Barbier  Yellow buds open to fully double, quartered, creamy white blooms. A reliable and strong grower to 25'. Fruity fragrance.

zones 4-10

Albertine    These Rambler roses have coppery pink flowers that are almost double, and come in a loose, open formation. They look a bit like a Hybrid tea.  Very free flowering and hardy. Grows to 20'.      
Zones 4-9

Alexandre Girault  Old fashioned red/pink flowers have quilled petals, and are flat and quartered wit a green eye and yellow stamens. Vigorous grower to 20'  Hardy with a strong fragrance.

Zones 5-10

Alida Lovett  Large Shell pink flowers with a yellow base, come in huge clusters. Slight fragrance. Hardy, grows to 12'. Very good for fences and pergolas.

Zones 4-9

Amadis Large, cupped, semi double flowers are a deep crimson and purple color. They come in large, long lasting clusters. Blooms early on thornless canes on old growth, and partial shade. When grown in shade, the blooms are more colorful.

Zones 5-10

American Pillar  Single flowers are carmine pink with a white eye and yellow stamens. They come in large clusters. A hardy, reliable rambler rose that can grow to 20'. It blooms on old wood.

Zones 5-10   (Pictured above)Read more about it..

Apple Blossom   Trusses of pink/white flowers with crinkled petals. They do resemble apple blossoms! Few thorns. Great for growing into trees and on pergolas.

zones 5-10  *(Another beauty that has caught my eye!)

Astra Desmond small, semi-double off-white to cream flowers are produced freely in huge fragrant trusses from the middle of June - the middle of July. Very vigorous, grows 20' x 10'.

Asta von Parpat  Clusters of purple, medium sized blooms that change to mauve-carmine. Blooms are double, and ruffled. Strong, and disease resistant.

zones 5-10

Auguste Gervais  Flowers are coppery yellow and salmon, and gradually fade to almost white. Blooms are large and informal looking. They have lots of petals and the semi double blooms look a bit like an English rose. They have a good fragrance, are hardy, and is a prolific bloomer.

Zones 4-9      *(This one interests me!)

Aviateur Bleriot Saffron and gold blooms fade to white. They produce large trusses of  very fragrant blooms. A vigorous grower with bright green glossy foliage.

zones 4-10

Baltimore Belle Pale pink, fading to ivory white, double bloom form

Hardy rambler grows to 12' (once blooming)

zone 5

Belvedere Soft pink, double form flowers with a medium fragrance. Produces large trusses, of small, dainty, cupped blooms. Grows to 20'

Bleu Magenta Blooms begin violet cerise, and fade to a light violet. They are double with yellow stamens and sometimes have white streaks. Colors vary due to its placement of sun or shade. Foliage is dark and shiny. No thorns!

Zones 6-10

Bloomfield Courage Small,single, dark velvety red blooms with white centers and prominent stamens. Open clusters have 20 or more blooms. The color can be hard to mix with other roses/plants.

Only a few thorns, and canes that easily train. Needs lots of room! Can cover an arch or climb a tree.

zones 5-11

Blush Rambler Small, cupped, light pink blooms come in clusters. Vigorous grower with a light fragrance. Grows to 15'.

zones 4-9

Bobbie James  Creamy white, semi double, cupped flowers come in extremely large bunches.  Very fragrant. Grows to 30'.

Chevy Chase  Very fully double, dark red. Fragrant Grows 10-15'.(once blooming)

Crimson Rambler  "Turners Crimson'  'Engineer's Rose'  Semi-double crimson blooms produced in clusters. Rather disease prone.  12' x 10'. (No longer popular)

Crimson Shower Small, rosette shaped crimson flowers come in large clusters. A hardy rambler rose that grows to 15'.

Darlow's Enigma Semi-double, pure white with golden centers. Very fragrant. Clusters. Continually blooming

Zones 4-10

Débutante Small, rose pink, cupped blooms come in dainty sprays. Soft, primrose scent. A hardy, pink rambler that grows to 15'. (One of the most popular of the pink ramblers)

zones 4-11

De la Grifferaie Trusses of fully double, magenta blooms  fade to cloudy white. Fragrant. Grows 8' x 4'  (Mostly found in old gardens. Was extensively used in the past as an understock.)

Dorothy Perkins Rose pink blooms with quilled petals, appear in huge clusters for a month in summer. Can grow to 20' in a single season.

zones 4-11 Learn more about it..

Dr. W. Van Fleet Soft pink, semi double blooms. A hardy rose that grows to 20'.

Dundee Rambler  Double, milky white blooms in large clusters. Fragrrant flowers have lots of tightly packed petals. Can grow to 20'

zones 5-10

Dusterlohe  Semi double, globular, rose pink blooms flatten and turn lilac pink. Pretty yellow stamens attract attention.  Vigorous grower to 8'.

Zones 6-11

Emily Gray  Yellow, semi double blooms fade to a pale yellow. One of the healthiest of all yellows. Extremely vigorous. Great for pergolas and arches  Grows to 12'.

Zones 4-9

Euphrosyne  Small, pure dark pink blooms change to pale pink. Constantly aging blooms give the bush an appearance of different colored blooms on the bush. Vigorous Rambler rose is reliable and healthy. Grows to 15'.

Flora  Rambler Roses Lilac pink, double blooms, are cupped and open flat. Soft scent. Graceful grower to 12'.

Francis E. Lester Very large trusses of single white with red splashes of pink on petal edges. Strong scent. Grows 15' x 10'.

Futtaker Schlingrose Full, red/pink blooms. Vigorous Once Bloomer grows 9-13'.

Zones 6-10

Gardenia Creamy white with a yellow center. Blooms are large, full and cupped. Flowers are in small sprays on short, strong stems. Blooms for a long time. Grows to 20'. Disease resistant. Shade tolerant.

zone 6

Ghislaine de Feligonde  Fully double, orange-yellow in large clusters. Almost thornless. Grows 8' x 8'.

Goldfinch Small cupped flowers are a mix of golden yellow and primrose. Almost thornless. Grows 8' x 5'.

Hiawatha  Single, deep pink to crimson flowers with white centers. Clusters. 15' x 12'

Kew Rambler Pink/white single bloom with paler centers and golden stamens. Strong, musky fragrance. Blooms in large trusses.  Grows to 18'

Zones 4-11

Leontine Gervais  Loosely double, apricot blend. Fragrant, 2" blooms. Grows 15-20'

zone 7

Long John Silver Large, white, cupped, long lasting flowers with muddled centers. Vigorous grower is extremely hardy and disease resistant. Medium/strong fragrance. Grows to 18'.

zone 4   (once blooming)

Madeleine Selzer  Trusses of fully double lemon to white scented flowers. Spectacular when in full flush! Grows 10' x 6'  Almost thorn-less

zones 4b - 9b    (once blooming)

May Queen Rosy pink flowers have a hint of lilac. They appear in great profusion. Full petalled, medium sized, rounded and quartered blooms with a fruity fragrance. Vigorous and arching, it grows to 25'.

Zones 4-9

Mrs F. W. Flight  Small, semi-double rose pink flowers in clusters. Very free flowering. Grows 8' x 6'

Newport Fairy Deep,  Double, rose pink blooms with a white eye. Huge clusters (Once Blooming) Grows 12-25' Slight scent

zones 5-9

Non Plus Ultra  Fully double, deep pink. 1 1/2" fragrant blooms. Grows 8-10'.

zone 6

Paul's Himalayan Musk     These Rambler roses are Blush pink, and produced in large open sprays that have a delicate airy effect. Produces flowers in great abundance. A hardy, vigorous, and very beautiful Rambler rose.

Paul's Scarlet Climber  Bright red flowers appear prolifically. Produces flowers in medium sized sprays.  Vigorous grower to 10'

Zones 4-9

Paul Transom Very fully double, pink blend  Fragrant

Grows 20' plus

zone 6

Phyllis Bide    Small, pale yellow flowers with salmon/pink tones are carried in wide clusters. Vigorous grower to 10'. This short climber is repeat-flowering!

Zones 4-9

Rambling Rector Large clusters of fragrant semi-double blooms begin creamy then open white with yellow stamens. Vigorous, scrambling rose grows 20-15'  (Great for covering an old building or eye sore)

Rambling Rosie    Bright red, almost single flowers in large clusters. Very disease resistant. Grows to 12'

Sanders White Trusses of small, semi-double, pure white. Fragrant and vigorous. Grows 15 x 10' (Once Blooming) Zones 5-10

Seagull Single white petals with bright yellow stamens. large clusters of scented flowers. Grows 25' x 15'. Unforgettable when in full flush!

Snow Goose     White, Pompon flowers with visible yellow stamens. Healthy grower, with a musk scent. A short rambler to 10'.

super dorothySuper Dorothy

Super Dorothy Small pink flowers in long sprays that last well on the bush. Repeat blooming. Hardy rose that grows to 10'.

Zones 5-10

Super Elfin Orange red small, very fragrant clusters. Repeats. Grows to 10'. Moderate scent. Zones 5-10

Tea Rambler Soft pink blooms with brighter highlights are fragrant, double.  Vigorous growing 15' x 8'.

Thalia "White Rambler' Semi-double, highly scented white blooms produced profusely in large clusters. Vigorous grower. Grows 12' x 8' (Not seen much today)

The Kings Rubies Double, ruby red old fashioned blooms grows to around 20' (Once blooming) Zones 6-10

Thousand Beauties Large, double flowers are pink with white centers. Strong grower, thorn-less. Grows 10' x 8'.

Toby Tristram Huge trusses creamy white single flowers. Very vigorous, grows 30' x 20'

(Should be more widely grown..)

Veilchenblau       Small, cupped flowers are  dark magenta with a white center, and yellow stamens. Thornless. Strong scent. Grows in shade. Grows to 15'.

Violette  Very double, rich violet/purple, cupped rosette flowers have hints of yellow at the base. Clusters of scented blooms. Vigorous grower 15' x 10'.

Weetwood   Fully double, fragrant, 3" light pink blooms. Grows 20'plus.

zone 6

Wind Chimes Small, double rose pink clusters. Very vigorous 12' x 8'

Do you grow any of these Rambler roses? Won't you share a picture and your comments on it so others can get a look at it... Send picture/comment Here.


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