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raised garden bed

Why do you want a raised garden bed?

One very good reason for planting roses (or anything) in a raised bed is that you can compensate for poor soil.

So,if you have bad drainage, or really high pH, a raised bed garden could be your answer to still having a beautiful garden of roses!

In this bed, you can amend the soil, adding lots of compost and organic matter, even before you do any planting.

Five Good Reasons to Plant in a Raised Bed

  • Raised beds can be very beautiful, and made to compliment any landscape.
  • They can be made in any size or shape that you need.
  • They can also double as seating if the top is wide enough and topped with the right material. (Wide Boards,paving material, Stone etc.)
  • The wood of the raised beds can be stained or painted to match the house. If you have stone or brick walkways, they can be made to mimic that.
  • You can easily get the soil 'just right'

When deciding on the size and shape of your raised beds, be sure to design them so that you can easily get around them. You may need to get the lawn mower or other equipment by them.

Make them narrow enough to be able to tend to the plants from all sides.

Click here to learn how to build you own Raised Garden Bed.

Some Things to Consider...

Raised garden curves edging are nice for curved informal planting. The height of the bed gives you an opportunity to add colorful plants that will flow from the edge of the raised bed. The dept should be at least 18-24 inches for full size roses, and 10-15 inches deep for miniatures.

How to get it Just Right!

~ Make sure it drains well

Having good drainage in the raised garden bed is VERY important!

In the bottom of the bed, use coarse gravel, stone, or drainage pipe.

Don't let it become a Pond!

Beds should be positioned so that the natural flow of water is away from the bed. You do not want the water to collect and pool along the outer walls.

Make the soil great!

After adding your material for drainage, fill the bed with a mixture of loom, compost, peat moss,and any other organic material you may have, (grass clippings, leaves etc.

Add some bone meal, and a few handfuls of superphosphate.

Let the bed settle for a few weeks.


Plant your roses according to the instructions in Planting Roses. Plant other flowers along the edges of the planter for some quick color.

Choose something that will flow out of the planting bed.

Water the bed thoroughly.

Mulch with 3-4 inches of mulch to keep weeds down and conserve moisture.

Enjoy your new raised garden bed of roses!

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