Raised Flower Beds to Build Yourself

raised flower bedsRaised Beds

Raised Flower beds can be made out of many different woods. Cedar, Redwood, Douglas Fir, or Pine.Basically any wood can become a raised bed.

Be advised that if you plant vegetables in your raised bed, I don't recommend that you use pressure treated wood!

The picture above is of my backyard raised bed Herb garden,(built by my incredible husband!)

Although the wood will eventually rot, the cost is rather inexpensive, and easy to replace.

In order to be able to work in the bed from all sides, it should be no wider than 4 ft. You need to be able to reach the middle of the bed.

A couple of 2 by 4's and a few 2 by 10's is all you need to build this garden bed.

The dimensions of the following bed is 4 feet wide, by 8 feet long.

Note: The above picture of my herb garden bed is Not the instructions below! That bed is 4' square, and has slats on top of the boards to make evenly spaced "square foot beds", something you too could easily achieve, but not large enough for growing roses in...

For a larger bed for roses:

Instructions For Building Your Raised Flower Bed

Materials You Will Need;

  • Three 2x 10's, 8 feet long (used for ends and sides)
  • Two 2x4's, 10 feet long (used for stakes)
  • 16 galvanized deck screws 3 inches long
  • 36 galvanized deck screws, 2 1/2 inches long

How to Build Your Own..


Cut one 8 ft. 2 by 10 in half. This will become the two ends.

The other 8 ft. 2 by 10's will be used for the sides.

Step 2

Drill four pilot holes 1/8 inch diameter at one end of each board, to prevent the wood from splitting, when the boards are drilled together.

Step 3

Make sure the ends are squared off, so the boards will fit together well. Before attaching the boards together with the galvanized deck screws, place the boards where your raised bed garden will sit.

Step 4

Cut twelve stakes each about 20 inches long, to hold the bed in place. Cut each end to a point so that you will be able to drive it into the ground.

Step 5

Put a stake on the inside of the planting bed, in the middle of each board,and in the corners.

Drive them into the ground until the tops are a few inches below the top of the board. After drilling pilot holes in them, drive the 2 1/2 deck screws through the stake and into the board. Do this with each stake. Your Raised bed is complete and ready for planting!

There are many advantages to building raised flower beds.

*It gets your plants up and out of rocky or bad soil.

*The soil stays loose, because it doesn't get walked on.

* You can plant earlier, because the sun warms the soil quicker.

*It eliminates awkward bending and kneeling associated with traditional gardening.

Click here to learn how to Plant your Raised Flower Beds.

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