Rainbow Knock Out Rose

Hardy Pink Blend Shrub Roses

The Rainbow Knock Out Rose is another addition to the family of the very hardy and dependable (and very popular) Knock Out roses!

These roses are wonderful landscape shrub roses that are loved by not only landscapers, but homeowners alike.

Rainbow knock out roseRainbow Knock Out Rose

The photo above shows where the name 'rainbow' came from. The pretty, unique colored blooms on the Rainbow Knock Out, begin with dark, coral pink buds that open a coral pink color with a yellow center, and lighten to a softer pink that lightens as they age. The faded flowers turn a very light pink/white color, and with all stages of new to fading blooms continuously on the bush, it gives the appearance of different colors of roses on the same bush.

A blooming bush is simply a magnificent sight!  A true 'Rainbow' of rose flowers..

It has lots of great qualities; Cold tolerant. heat tolerant, very disease resistant, and very easy to grow (and love)!

The above photo is the Rainbow Knock Out growing in my zone 5 garden. I planted it this spring, and was very pleased with it.

Type  Shrub Roses

Hybridizer William J Radler (United States 2007)

Blooms Orange/Coral Pink, with yellow fading centers A rainbow of different color blooms on the bush 5-7 petals flowers 2 1/4" across

Foliage Semi-Glossy Dark Green

Growth Habits Bushy, compact growing 2' high by 3' wide

Fragrance  Slight

Awards 2007 All American Rose

Hardy Zones hardy zones 4b to 9b

More about the Rainbow Knock Out Rose..

rainbow knockout rose bush

These pink shrub roses are very compact and low growing, compared to other roses in the Knock Out family. Usually only reaching about 2-3' high. The plants grow rounded and very bushy, and flower continually throughout the season.

The small, single form 2" flowers are very pretty and quite colorful. They are lightly fragrant, with a scent of sweetbriar.

The new growth appears a deep burgundy red color, that turns to a deep green with age.

Rainbow Knock Out is very resistant to certain rose diseases such as Black Spot, Powdery Mildew and Rust.

The flowers continue non-stop through the season, eventually producing bright orange hips.

This rose bush is one of the best 'Easy Care' roses that is also loved by the feathered friends of the garden; It blooms the very first year it is planted, and produces lots of rose hips in the fall (bird food) and/or Rose Hip Tea!

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