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Queen of Sweden roseQueen of Sweden

The Queen of Sweden rose, is a charming English rose with the softest pink flowers.

Small, round buds open to enclosed cups that will become wide, shallow, cup shaped flowers. At first the color is a very soft, glowing apricot pink, and later become a pure, soft pink.

The lovely pink roses are medium size, and very full. These English roses are beautiful in all stages of bloom, from those delicate looking buds to the beautiful old-rose flowers.

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Type English Musk Rose

Hybridizer David Austin 2004(Britain)

Growth Habits A rose bush that can grow 4’ tall, and 2 1/2‘wide. Will grow vigorously upright and bushy.

Blooms Very soft pink. The blooms are wide, and shallowly cupped, with around 140 petals

Foliage Medium size, matte green foliage

Fragrance Mild, Myrrh, fragrance

Hardy zone zones 6-10

This is a very healthy growing rosebush that grows upright, and very bushy. The compact size of the bush is 4 ' by 2 1/2 ' wide.The flowers grow in small clusters that appear in flushes throughout the growing season.

This rose bush is also a very hardy variety.

These roses make particularly good cut flowers. The flowers are very long lasting in the vase, and there are very few prickles (thorns) on the bush.The fragrance is medium to light myrrh.

This rose, Queen of Sweden, was named for the 350th anniversary of the treaty of friendship between Great Britain and Sweden.

Uses; Rose beds, borders, cut flowers. If you like pink roses, this variety is especially nice. It has a charming old rose character, with a soft, delicate fragrance, that makes wonderful cut flowers that last a long time. A group of three in the garden would make a stunning display!

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