Purple Tiger Rose

Striped Floribunda Roses

The Purple Tiger Rose is a very unique colored Floribunda rose.

The remarkable coloring is deep purple that is striped with white that has specks and splashes of purple and mauve-pink.

The unusual colored striped roses appear in clusters of 3-5 roses on canes that are nearly thorn-less.

Each bloom is a little bit different. Some are more purple colored, while others are almost red. All are a whirl of purple and white that is flecked and splashed in irregular patterns with mauve. Purple is the dominant color.

The Purple Tiger rose repeats it's unique flowers quickly. It stays in flower almost without interruption all through the season.

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Type Floribunda rose

Hybridizer Christensen 1991 United States

Blooms Purple/white striped blooms have 40 petals, with flowers that are 3 1/2 across  Flowers are borne in small clusters

Foliage Medium size leaves are green and glossy

Fragrance Light and sweet, Damask scent

Growth Habits Vigorous growing 3-4' tall

Hardy zones zones 6b and warmer (some list this one for zones 5-10)

If you live in zone 5 and choose to grow it, I would give it winter protection.

You might know this rose by another name "Impressionist". Once you see it in bloom, you'll know how that name came about! The color is quite impressionable.

This rose bush grows vigorous in an upright habit from 3-4' tall by around 2' wide, while remaining bushy and compact.

It can be grown as a garden rose, or in a container.

The canes have very few thorns (prickles) making it (almost) thornless.

As beautiful and unique as this purple striped rose is, unfortunately it is prone to Black spot!

Parentage; Intrigue x Pinstripe

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